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You Might Not Have Heard of the Éclair Effect Yet.
Don’t Worry. If You Love Luxury Watches, You Soon Will.

saint Honoré Paris WatchesRenowned Paris watchmaker saint Honoré has developed an exclusive new manufacturing process that duplicates the glittering look of high-quality pavé diamonds at a very reasonable cost. This proprietary finishing process, christened the Éclair Effect by saint Honoré, is already available on the company’s popular ladies Opéra timepieces.

Pavé diamond settings have been around for hundreds of years. This French term literally means paving a surface with diamonds, with little or no metal showing. As you might expect, it is both time consuming and quite expensive for jewelers and fine watchmakers to drill hundreds of tiny holes and then manually set corresponding tiny precious stones into these holes to create the pavé effect.

Saint Honoré has revolutionized this entire process by developing an entirely new way to create the glittering look that women continue to desire. Although the proprietary techniques that saint Honoré uses to create their Éclair Effect watches is a closely guarded secret, the results are available to all.

saint Honoré Opéra Black with Éclair Effect
saint Honoré Opéra Black with Éclair Effect
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Timepieces like the saint Honoré Opéra Black Éclair provide a dazzling demonstration of what the Éclair Effect is all about. Even on close inspection, the brilliant, sparkling stones on the dial and bezel of this fabulous timepiece look identical to high quality pavé diamonds.

For over 125 years, saint Honoré has been setting tomorrow’s fashion trends by developing innovative new ways to combine art and technology. The impressive new Éclair Effect is just the latest in a long line of innovations designed to let their customers enjoy the luxury and quality they deserve.

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