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RSW debuted their watches in 1998 and never looked back. Today, no watchmaker has a better stylistic interpretation of the future than they.

RSW WatchesRSW is a young watch company with a 90-year-old heritage. This brand extension of the popular Swiss watchmaker, Rama Watch SA, was specifically created to meet the needs of a younger, fashion conscious audience. From the day their very first Sumo automatic was introduced, the company never looked backwards for inspiration. Instead, they married the technical excellence of their parent company with a futuristic sense of style that is seldom seen in the watch industry.

RSW Ladies 6700 ACR 021L Lady Liberty Single Diamond WatchThe first RSW collections, introduced in 1999, were designed specifically for the Japanese market, which was already showing an appreciation for forward-looking styles. The brand also quickly became popular with style conscious women and the emblematic Lady Liberty Collection, first introduced in 2001, is still popular today.

As RSW’s reputation grew among style leaders, the company became even bolder with a succession of stylistic innovations. The innovative ladies’ “Simply Eight“ watch, introduced in 2004, had four different faces and two movements, allowing women to easily reconfigure the style of the watch to suit their mood. The Nazca Collection, introduced in 2005, featured a patented crank crown mechanism for rapidly changing the time zone.

The avant-garde “Outland” Collection inspired by science fiction, strengthened RSW’s reputation for futuristic design. Every new design the company has introduced, from the organic and sensual “Moonflower”, to the virtually indestructible “Diving Tool” that is water resistant to 300 meters, has served to set the company apart from it’s competitors.

RSW Mens 9140.PP.PP.1.00
Consort Collection Dual Time Black Dial Oval Watch
RSW Mens 9220.BS.S0.5.D1
Hampstead Collection Silver Dial Rectangular Watch
RSW Mens 9140.PP.PP.1.00 Consort Collection Black Dial Oval Watch RSW Mens 9220.BS.S0.5.D1 Hampstead Silver Dial Rectangular Watch
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Today, RSW stands alone as a company that has taken a 90-year history of Swiss watchmaking excellence and combined it with a stylistic personality that is truly unique. In a market that is saturated with look alike products, RSW has remained true to itself and to the needs of its customers.

Buy RSW WatchesIf you’re an individual who doesn’t like to follow the crowd, you’re going to want a RSW watch on your wrist soon. To acquire one of these truly unique and innovative timepieces for your own future, contact an authorized RSW dealer today and never look back.

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