Miss Germany Wears Haemmer Watches

Miss Germany, Caroline Noeding, Sporting a Haemmer Watch

by John Sealander  

Most People Notice the Crown on Caroline Noeding’s Head
But we Were More Interested in What’s on her Wrist

Haemmer WatchesOn February 23, 2013, 21-year-old Caroline Noeding beat 5,000 other women in 115 preliminary pageants to be crowned Miss Germany for 2013 in the country’s oldest and most important beauty contest. The vivacious blonde mathematics and Spanish major will take a year off from her studies to wear the crown during her tenure as Germany’s reigning beauty. A tiara isn’t Caroline’s only fashion statement however. She’s also been seen wearing a hip and fashionable Haemmer watch on her wrist.

It’s no surprise that a beauty like Caroline fancies today’s big and bold Haemmer watches. Haemmer watches have quickly become status symbols wherever they are available. With their distinctive size and convenient left-sided screw down crown, a Haemmer timepiece is hard to ignore.

Caroline Noeding With Haemmer CEO, Holger Bohne
Miss Germany, Caroline Noeding, With Haemmer CEO, Holger Bohne
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A Haemmer wristwatch will be a perfect companion to the new sports car, jewelry, and clothing Caroline was awarded when she became queen. When she takes the luxurious trip to Cyprus that came with her title, her Haemmer watch will keep her in style and on schedule.

According to Haemmer founder Holger Bohne, Haemmer and Caroline Noeding are made for each other. There is an authenticity about the brand’s big, bold style and high quality construction that appeals to today’s younger generation. Haemmer styles are fresh and real, just like Caroline Noeding. The young beauty queen has been seen wearing Haemmer’ popular Mechanicha and Ladies Giant models, and like all Haemmer watches, these beauties aren’t just fashion statements. Every watch that Haemmer makes features a screw down crown and caseback, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to 200 meters.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll become a beauty queen with a Haemmer watch on your wrist, but you will get noticed. If you’d like to see what one of these beauties looks like on your own wrist, start thinking big and contact an authorized Haemmer dealer today.

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