Gevril Group Watch Repair Marks 15 Years of Service

Expert Watchmaker at Work

by Adrian Herscovici  

Gevril Group Authorized Watch Repair and Service Center

As Gevril Group marks the 15th anniversary of its authorized watch repair and service center, the company is reminding customers — and watch owners everywhere — about the benefits of using its authorized repair shop to service all types and brands of mechanical and quartz watches.

“When you own a fine watch, such as a Fortis from the B-42 series, servicing the movement at regular intervals is the best way to ensure that it lasts a lifetime,” says Gevril Group owner and president, Samuel Friedmann. “A Gevril Group watchmaker will clean, regulate and polish the watch, and return it looking and functioning as if it were almost new to ensure that it provides many more years of reliable service to its owner.”

Watchmaker Repairing Fortis Movement
Watchmaker Repairing Fortis Movement
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Why Gevril Group Watch Repair?

Gevril Group’s talented team of watchmakers has more than 70 years of combined experience and handles every type of major or minor repair and service, from watch battery, watch band and crystal replacements to complex electronic and mechanical movement repairs, dial refinishing and even custom alterations. The Gevril Group repair center uses genuine OEM parts as supplied by manufacturers, and any work it completes is guaranteed for a full year.

“Fine workmanship and expeditious service are chief concerns to our customers,” says Friedmann. “We want to spare people from having to part with their watches for several weeks while the watches travel to and from Europe for service. Our repair center operates here in the U.S., so turnaround times on most services are much shorter.”

The Official Advantage

In addition to quicker turnaround, servicing watches within the U.S. avoids the dangers and costs associated with international shipping, and customers receive as good -– or better -– service than they would if their watches were sent overseas.

Another important consideration for watch owners is warranty validation. Allowing an unsanctioned watchmaker to work on a watch that is under warranty often voids the balance of the watch’s warranty.

Gevril Group is the official repair center for quite a few of brands, providing authorized watch repair and service for Gevril, GV2, Fortis, Ferragamo, Versace, Versus, Haurex, Rüdiger, Johan Eric, Calibre, Louis Erard, Catorex, JOWISSA, Gattinoni, Just Cavalli, Viceroy, Hush Puppies and Giulio Romano among other brands.

“In the end it’s about customer satisfaction,” Friedmann adds. “The quality of the work performed in our service center is simply top-notch. After 15 successful years, we are confident that we will continue to meet the growing demand for watch maintenance and repair for many years to come.”

Gevril Group Worldwide Agent for Gevril Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the worldwide agent for Gevril Watches. You can email us or call us at 845-425-9882.

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The Emerging Market for Chinese Made Luxury Goods

Chinese Shopper Go On a Luxury Clothing Shopping Spree

by John Sealander  

When Chinese Manufacturers Stop Copying and Start Innovating

China became a global manufacturing powerhouse largely by copying the ideas of others. The Chinese became experts at creating knock-offs of popular brands and the copies became so good that the luxury labels they copied began manufacturing their own products in China as well. Now, practically every major brand manufacturers many of their products in China.

The tremendous demand for China’s ability to manufacture almost anything less expensively than their competitors in other countries has created a large and increasingly wealthy Chinese middle class. These newly affluent Chinese quickly developed an appetite for luxury and began buying the most popular high-end labels from around the world. As Chinese sophistication and buying power continued to increase, some Chinese designers began wondering why China couldn’t create their own high quality luxury goods.

Chinese pride, a booming economy, and the rise of Chinese creativity, has created a growing demand for products that are not only manufactured in China, but designed there as well. Chinese fashionistas are no longer flocking to the West for the latest trends. They are turning to exciting original collections by a new generation of emerging Chinese designers instead. Designers like Uma Wang have already been profiled in Italian Vogue. Chinese designer Qiu Hao was a recent Woolmark Prize winner, a prize that was previously reserved for European luminaries like Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

Chinese Develop Luxury Taste Buds

Everywhere you look, the Chinese are making the transition from fashion followers to emerging tastemakers. The huge changes in tastes and attitudes of the growing Chinese middle class has created opportunities for a new generation of talented Chinese designers who are extremely proud of the “made in China” label. These designers are not satisfied with creating knock-offs. They are determined to be the best on the world stage.

“My heritage is full of beautiful craftsmanship and history with a strong understanding of femininity and luxury,” says influential Chinese designer Huishan Zhang. “It is only a matter of time before the avant-garde taste for individuality in China further evolves into a ‘Made in China,’ homegrown style that will be applauded at home and abroad.”

Luxury Watch Manufacturing in China

Chinese watchmakers were quick to recognize the almost insatiable demand for tourbillon movements by their Chinese customers. About 15 years ago, they decided to meet this demand by manufacturing their own tourbillons. As their expertise in manufacturing tourbillon movements grew, the reputation of their intricate timepieces grew among the world’s watch aficionados. Now, the demand for a Chinese made tourbillon timepiece is almost as high outside China as it is among the Chinese.

High quality Chinese-designed watches and clothing are relatively new to the global market but are growing in importance every day. The Chinese have become self-aware and are proud of their heritage and skills. They no longer are satisfied to make economical goods for the rest of the world. They are determined to design and create the world’s best products and have customers comes to them.

China Produces Its Own Luxury Watch Brands

The Chinese love wristwatches and Chinese watch manufactures have already made the transition to producing high quality luxury products of their own. Although every major watch manufacturer has manufacturing facilities in China, the Chinese are doing something that none of them expected. They are no longer satisfied with copying and are starting to produce their own high quality timepieces filled with genuine homegrown innovation.

The Chinese Fiyta Spacemaster timepiece is prized by collectors around the world and has a reputation that puts it in the same league with popular Fortis and Omega space watches. The limited edition Spacemaster features a superb mechanical moment of Chinese design and includes innovations like an anti-clockwise locking crown to prevent accidental crown release and a unique 8-hour rotating bezel that serves as a life support indicator for the Chinese Feitian EVA spacesuit. Chinese Taikonauts wear this watch on space missions and a growing number of sophisticated collectors are starting to wear them as well.

The Future of China’s Growing Luxury Market

The emergence of Chinese creativity and a new appreciation for Chinese excellence has implications for every manufacturer of luxury goods. The world has already seen the power of the Chinese economy. When the Chinese turn their energies to producing top-quality, original designs, the world better watch out. The Chinese are already learning, as the Europeans and Americans did before them, that creativity is the key to homegrown success. Combine China’s emerging appreciation for the role of creativity with China’s proven manufacturing prowess and you’ve got the recipe for a true luxury powerhouse.

Will “China made” eventually replace “Swiss made” on the dial of your favorite timepiece? Only time will tell.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, watchmaker and wholesale watch distributor, is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury and Swiss watches and trendy fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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The 3 Most Popular Watch Bezel Types

Watch Bezel

by Adrian Herscovici  

Interval meters, dive and GMT: The most popular types of watch bezels

One watch component that is referenced regularly is the bezel – a rim attached to the case and surrounding the dial that usually serves the purpose of holding the watch crystal in place.

Audemars Piguet Royal OakAt its simplest, the bezel is an unadorned ring, usually made from the same material as the watch case. Other bezels are decorated with inset gems or ornamental stones. Some even achieve iconic status because of their unmistakable shape and brilliant design – just look at the Royal Oak and others designed by the inimitable Gerald Genta.

Given the conspicuous position of the bezel on the front side of the watch, it also provides a convenient area to assign other useful tasks.

Interval Meters

A bezel is a great place to put markings for a chronograph interval meter. The most common of these is a tachymeter, which is typically used to calculate speed over a distance. The Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph employs a tachymeter on the bezel. Other variations of interval meters include telemetric (to measure the speed of sound) and pulsimetric (to measure a pulse). A more thorough explanation of all three is here.

A rarer bezel in this category is the aviation-themed “slide rule” or “calculator rule.” Ferragamo features one on these on the Ferragamo F-80 Pilot. The bezel works in conjunction with the flange and interior markings for use as a pilot’s tool to calculate various operations including speed and fuel consumption. Learn about how to use one here.

Dive Watch Bezels

The most recognizable bezel of all is the dive bezel. The look is so popular that some brands incorporate it into watches as a non-functional design element. A dive bezel has a 60-minute scale, usually with large markers at the five-minute increments and smaller markers at the one-minute increments (at least between 15 and zero). The zero position is usually marked by an arrow and a luminous dot. The Fortis B-42 Marinemaster Chronograph employs a dive bezel of this description.

Originally designed to monitor elapsed time underwater, dive bezels can also be used in more practical scenarios like monitoring how much time is left in a parking meter or when to flip a steak on the barbecue. When used in scuba diving, the countdown measurement is a matter of life and death since divers use it to track how much oxygen remains in their tank*. A genuine dive bezel is unidirectional, i.e., it rotates in one direction only (counterclockwise) so if it moves, it will signify less air in the tank, meaning the worst case scenario is the diver surfaces with leftover oxygen. If it were to move in the opposite direction, the diver might think he or she has more time than oxygen remaining in the tank.

*Note: Most divers now rely on a dive computer rather than a dive bezel.

GMT and World Time Bezels

Another familiar bezel is the bidirectional GMT, usually with 24-hour markings. The bezel can be used in a few ways: one, to track a second time zone in conjunction with a dedicated GMT hand; to establish whether it is daytime or nighttime in that corresponding time zone; or to follow a third time zone altogether. A GMT watch is a favorite among pilots who regularly travel between time zones. For a detailed explanation visit this web page.

A variation of the GMT bezel is the world-time bezel, which displays the names of world cities. To use it, set the local time on the watch and turn the bezel to match the current city name with the local time using the 24-hour track – the times in all of the other cities now appear concurrently on the 24-hour track. The Fortis B-47 World Timer GMT has a world-time bezel (the watch also displays a second time zone by way of a rotating middle disk).

Other types of bezels will surely emerge as watch design evolves. The new RM 60-01 by Richard Mille, for example, has a rotating bezel with a compass. But whether you prefer the simplicity of a watch with nothing more than a traditional unadorned bezel, or something bejeweled in colorful stones, or a purpose-built dive bezel, the abundant options are part of what makes watch collecting so enjoyable.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, watchmaker and wholesale watch distributor, is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury and Swiss watches and trendy fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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Swatch Group Buys Harry Winston

by John Sealander  

Swatch Group

The Swatch Group Adds Another Jewel to Its Empire

Swatch Group Buys Harry WinstonOn January 14, 2013 legendary jeweler and luxury watch manufacturer Harry Winston became part of the powerful Swatch Group in a one billion dollar sale. As part of the sale agreement, Harry Winston will net $750 million and The Swatch Group will assume $250 million in Harry Winston pro forma debt.

The Harry Winston name has been synonymous with luxury for decades and has been hailed in film, TV and song. Who could forget the 2000 benefit concert where Elton John sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” wearing over $3 million in Harry Winston Jewels. To this day, Harry Winston jewels and luxury timepieces are a mainstay at almost every Hollywood Red Carpet event.

Consolidation in the Watch Industry

When The Swatch Group purchased this legendary company, it provided further confirmation of the trend toward consolidation within the watch industry that has been taking place for many years. The Swatch Group, which already owns Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Omega, Longines, Rado, Union Glashütte, Tissot, Certina, Mido, Hamilton and many other famous brands, will benefit from the Harry Winston acquisition in a variety of ways.

Not only does Harry Winston have 21 directly owned retail locations worldwide, it also is a major diamond producer with ownership of several diamond mines in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Since Swatch is a major buyer of polished diamonds for its luxury brands, it is already exploring a joint diamond-polishing venture with the Dominion Diamond Corporation, a Harry Winston subsidiary.

Now that Harry Winston has become part of the Swatch Group empire, there are only a few brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Fortis, Gevril, Breitling and a handful of others who continue to remain independent. Watch brands that lack the capacity to manufacture their own movements will need alliances with huge conglomerates like Swatch, just to stay in business. It is unclear which company the powerful Swatch Group will buy next. What is certain however is that there are fewer and fewer choices left.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sports timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers.

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