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About Watches

Counterfeit Watches About Unauthorized Watches and Counterfeits
In addition to being illegal, counterfeit watches are often of poor quality and have manufacturing defects. Counterfeits and gray market watches are not covered by a manufacturer warranty.

Automatic Watch Automatic Watches
Automatic or self winding watches use arm motion to wind a watch mainspring, making manual winding unnecessary. Watch winders can also wind an automatic watch.

Chronograph Watch Chronograph Watches
Some of the best quartz and automatic chronograph watches for men and women: The chronograph function on chrono watch dials lets you time races and events.

Couple Watch Couple Watches  
Couples watches let you coordinate without overtly matching. They’re a subtle and personal way to convey inseparability, more playful than a wedding band but equally elegant.

Diver Watch Diver Watches
Military divers were successful, but diving watches were really popularized by Jacques Cousteau in his film Le monde du silence. Dive watches are water resistant to at least 333 feet and come with a unidirectional rotating bezel, popular with scuba divers.

Watch Case Evolution of Watch Case Shapes
A watch case houses a watch’s significant components: the movement and its parts. However, watch cases have evolved into more than a protective shell.

Fashion Watch Fashion Watches
These are some of the best fashion watches and most popular fashion watch brands, including many affordable new fashion watches for women and men.

Omega Marine Water Resistant Watch History of Water Resistant Watches
Water is one of the oldest adversaries of the wristwatch. Here’s an overview of how water resistance in watches developed over the 20th century.

Mesh Watch Band How to Adjust a Mesh Watch Bracelet
A mesh watch band is actually much easier to adjust than a link style bracelet. All you need to do for a perfect fit is follow these instructions.

Change a Watch Strap How to Change Your Watch Strap or Bracelet
The appearance of a watch can be transformed in minutes by simply changing the strap or bracelet. Here is what you need to change a watch bracelet yourself.

Watch Straps How to Choose a Watch Strap or Bracelet
Watch strap choices include OEM straps and bracelets from your favorite watch brand or from one of dozens of independent watch band makers around the world.

How to Maintain Your Mechanical Watch How to Maintain Your Mechanical Watch
Mechanical watches are composed of hundreds of parts and require regular maintenance, lubrication and cleaning to continue working properly over time.

Deployment Clasp Buckle How to Open and Close a Deployment Clasp Buckle
Deployment clasps are an elegant watch buckle option. The following video demonstrates step-by-step how to open and close a deployment clasp watch buckle.

Steinhausen Watch Winder How to Wind Your Mechanical Watch
Setting and winding a mechanical watch is one of the delights of owning one. Follow these general watch winding guidelines to ensure your mechanical watch lasts a lifetime.

Italian Design Watch Italian Design Watches
Inspired by Italy’s fashion-forward culture and rich history, these Italian designed watches continue to shape the present and future of the watch industry.

Large Watch Large Watches
Large watches are in. Now that this type of wristwatch has become a fashion statement, its size has become just as important as its color, style, and materials.

Leather and Textile Watch Straps Leather and Textile Watch Straps
Watch straps and watch bracelets play a major role in the way people choose and wear watches. Here we discuss leather watch straps and textile watch straps.

Luxury Watch Luxury Watches
About Swiss luxury watches and many affordable luxury watches for men and women: Luxury watches are more than timepieces; a luxury watch is a work of art with fine movements doing superb things with gold, diamonds, springs and tiny gears.

Mechanical Watch vs. Quartz Watch Movement Mechanical vs. Quartz: Intro
There are countless styles of watches on the market. Knowing the difference between quartz and mechanical watches will help you decide which are best for you.

Mechanical vs Quartz Watches Mechanical vs. Quartz: Romantic vs. Pragmatist
An in-depth look at the history and particulars of mechanical and quartz watches; helping you determine whether a quartz or mechanical watch is right for you.

Mechanical Watch Water Resistance Mechanical Watch Water Resistance
Water is a mechanical watch movement’s mortal enemy. By following these basic water resistance guidelines, you can avoid trips to the watch repair center.

Mechanical Watch Movement Mechanical Watches
New mechanical watches appear every year at Baselworld. We carry the best affordable mechanical watches including hand wind and self winding automatic mechanical watches for men and women with some of the most popular complications.

Various Styles of Metal Watch Bracelets Metal Watch Bracelets and Rubber Watch Straps
Metal watch bracelets and rubber watch straps are very durable and popular watch bands. The advantages of metal watch bracelets and rubber watch straps are many.

Fortis Squadron Watch Military Watches
Some of the best military style watches for men. Military watches are relatively new but play an important role in wrist watch history. The first exclusively military watch appeared in the late 1800’s.

Fortis B-42 Marinemaster Watch Orange Watches
Orange, a popular color in both fashion and watches, is definitely having its moment this season. Choose your favorite orange watch from the many styles and options available.

Pilot Watch Pilot Watches
Gracing the wrist of pilots, these aviation timepieces have reached the apex of the ideal fusion of style and durability. From the Fortis Aviatis collection to squadron watches, pilot watches are tough and ready for anything.

Quartz Movement Quartz Movements
Quartz watch and clock movements have revolutionized watchmaking. Swiss and Japanese quartz movements are the best and most accurate watch and clock movements.

Quartz Watch Quartz Watches
Surprisingly, the first quartz watches were ultra-luxury items and were far more expensive than comparable mechanical watches. We offer some of the best quartz watches for men and women, including Swiss and Japanese quartz watches.

Ways To Damage Your Watch 7 Remarkably Easy Ways To Damage Your Watch
By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll agree that this concise guide to watch damage and do-it-yourself DIY watch repair is a real game changer!

Ruben & Sons Ruben & Sons MD3G Automatic Watch Movements
Founded by Dr. Massimo Ascari, this small, highly innovative Swiss company manufactures and assembles technically superior automatic mechanical watch movements that are characterized by their superb craftsmanship and unique stylistic refinements.

Space Watch Space Watches
Worn by astronauts in outer space, these durable timepieces are a testament to man’s achievements in space. Learn about the Swiss contribution to space travel and the space watches that made the journey.

Sports Watch Sports Watches
Sports watches aren’t just timing races; they’re setting new trends, as well. The popularity of oversized watches derives largely from sports watches. Many sport watches incorporate functions like heart rate monitors and GPS tracking.

Manufacture of Eterna 3510 Swiss Made Movements Swiss Made
A watch is Swiss made if its movement is Swiss and has been encased in Switzerland, and the manufacturer conducts the final watch inspection in Switzerland.

Swiss Watch Swiss Watches
Best Swiss watches and watch brands for men and women: Swiss made wrist watches are highly desirable, and the Swiss watch industry is stronger than ever.

Fortis Official Cosmonauts Watch in Space Swiss Watches and Space Technology
Tracking the history of watches in space, and monitoring which watches are chosen — and why — by current and future astronauts, remain compelling narratives.

Ferragamo FI0010013 Men's Vega Two-Tone Watch Two Tone Watches
Making a comeback, the two-tone watch trend is becoming more and more popular and watch brands are eager to include two-tone variations in their timepiece collections.

Watch Bezels Watch Bezels
One watch component that is referenced regularly is the bezel. Its position on the front side of the watch provides a convenient area to assign other tasks.

Versace GMT Complication Watch Complications
Adding complications to a watch is expensive. The movement modules need to be designed to operate both the timing mechanism and the watch’s complications. While an important watch term, complications is comprised of many other watch terms.

Watch Maintenance Tips 7 Watch Maintenance Tips
How can you ensure that your fine timepiece will continue to run forever? Follow these seven simple watch care rules and you’ll have already extended your watch’s life.

Watch vs. Cell Phone Watch vs. Cell Phone
Why wear a watch when you have a cell phone? Sometimes, a cell phone just isn’t enough. A timepiece serves as a fashionable and functional accessory, is easier to access than a phone and makes a fashion statement. Here are five reasons to wear a watch today.

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