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Orange Watches

People make innate associations with a color based on the feelings that color evokes. In Western culture orange is often perceived as playful, energetic and unconventional. In religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, orange has significant spiritual symbolism. In nature, orange appears in profusion: hundreds of animals and plants are orange, including many foods like pumpkins, carrots and of course, oranges.

Orange also has a practical side. It is highly visible and the easiest color to see in poor lighting or against water, which is why it is chosen for use on important signage as well as safety and emergency equipment. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, for example, is painted “international orange,” in part because it is easier to see in the fog.

Orange Fruits and Vegetables Golden Gate Bridge

Original Fortis Marinemaster

The vibrancy of orange and the way it contrasts so well against dark colors makes it a popular choice in all sorts of design fields, including watchmaking. Orange began to appear significantly in watch designs in the late 1960s and ’70s – the original Fortis Marinemaster is one example. Today, even orange-tint patina that occurs from aging luminous material on older watches is desirable, so much so that many companies have taken to using aged-looking paints to give their watches the appearance of vintage.

Original Fortis Marinemaster – Circa 1960
Original Fortis Marinemaster

Seeing Orange

Orange now appears on all sorts of watches; sport watches primarily, but increasingly on more delicate casual-but-dressy watches, too, where a dynamic accent is the desired effect. Some excellent examples appear in the women’s category including Ferragamo’s model FG5040014 from the Buckle collection: a bright orange leather strap takes the watch from unassuming to striking and enhances the watch’s gold elements. Similarly, Jowissa’s J2.109.S model from the Roma Colori collection uses a gator-patterned orange strap to lift an otherwise reserved black-on-white dial to new heights.

For sheer visibility, watches like the Calibre Mauler, model SC-4M1-04-079, with its black strap, sub-dials and indexes over an orange dial, effectively draw the eye to the watch’s details of interest. Three GV2 watches provide strong examples: model 3002B from the Parachute collection has a large swath of orange on the bezel and indexes on the dial; model 4512 from the XO Submarine collection has large, luminous orange hands and hour indexes to go along with other accents on the dial and internal bezel, and; the Corsaro model 8801 matches an orange central dial panel with orange hands and an orange crown.

But orange over black is the most recurring combination, which is in part thanks to the excellent legibility it delivers. Sometimes orange is used to imbue an otherwise straightforward black design with a strong pop of color, albeit in a less prominent role. Calibre has a two models that utilize orange in this way. Models SC-5H2-04-007.079 Chrono and SC-4H1-04-007.079 Date each employ an orange chapter ring to provide focal points on the dial. The Mauler SC-4M1-04-079, as mentioned previously, immediately catches the eye with its striking orange dial.

Orange Is The New Strap

When orange dials and case accents are paired with orange straps, a whole new level of eye-catching enjoyment is achieved. The orange rubber strap on the Fortis B-42 Marinemaster chronograph model 671.10.41 SI.20 puts this purpose-driven chronograph into the category of contemporary sport watch; best of all, the watch’s chronograph hands are also orange, an effect that ties the entire design together cohesively. The B-42 Marinemaster, model 647.11.42 SI.20, is another Fortis with an orange rubber strap; in this case the orange breathes freshness into the watch design, which includes a white dial and bezel.

Haurex matches the straps and dials of some of its watches, too, including those in the Factor and Caimano collections, models 3N500UON and N1354UNO respectively. These two watches have orange rubber straps and orange on the dials, but they also build orange into the bezel design. The Tremor model inlays orange into the IP black while the Caimano employs a solid orange insert with black indexes.

Back on the women’s side, the Hush Puppies model HP.3760L.2510 from the Signature collection has an orange, near-peach leather calfskin strap, which matches the color hue of the dial accents perfectly, bringing the minimalist design to life. The Saffiano leather used in the making of the Glam Rock strap on model GR11107 in the Miami collection is light orange; the same high-grade leather is used to make the matching interchangeable bezel – a Glam Rock signature customization.

For Orange’s Sake

Then there are orange watches for orange lovers: no longer used as a highlight color, watches like the Versace V-Signature VLA060014 pictured earlier and the Versus Tokyo 3C61200000 are unabashedly orange all over. The V-Signature strap is made of elaphe, a type of snake leather, over which the case components of the watch are attached by way of Versace Greek key style hinges, all in IP gold coated steel. The dial is also pure orange with a sunburst-patterned engraving at its center. The Tokyo watch is sportier with few embellishments, a simplicity that suits its unisex design; its dial is orange, its bezel has orange inserts and its rubber strap is molded to give it a bracelet-like appearance.

On the color wheel, orange is a secondary color between yellow and red. In design, however, a vivid orange has the capacity to become the focal point. In watch design it is typically utilized either as a primary base color or as an emphasizing accent. Sometimes orange is used to make a statement; other times it is used practically to heighten legibility.

Orange is vibrant and occurs abundantly in nature in hues that range from more vivid yellows to darker, deeper reds, which gives orange appealing and surprisingly versatile qualities. Its popularity in fashion and watches is thus no surprise, and with so many styles and options available, owning orange is essential. Choose your favorite and contact Gevril Group today for a list of authorized dealers.

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