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5 Reasons Why Every Millennial Needs a Good Watch

by Bonnie McEwan

When Your Phone Is Not Enough

Picture a classroom full of undergraduates at one of New York City’s progressive universities. Everyone in the room is of the Millennial Generation, which means they were born between 1982 and 2000. Most students are about 19 years old. Many are hoping to snare summer internships in the city’s fashion, financial or professional service sectors.

The professor has forgotten her watch and, unaware that she is about to show her age, asks for the time by saying, “Does anyone have a watch?” Several students pull out their smart phones and call out the time. “We have our phones,” someone says, “not watches.” It turns out that, of 25 students, only one is wearing a watch. This is more than just a sign of the times. For aspiring Millennials, it’s a lost opportunity.

Here are five reasons why every Millennial should have a good watch:

1) A watch is functional and easy to access. With just a twist of your wrist you learn the time and, depending on what brand you choose, perhaps the current phase of the moon or how many seconds it took you to chase after that cross town bus. No rummaging around in your pocket or backpack for a phone. No moving through multiple screens before you can simply find out what time it is.

2) A watch makes a statement. It signals what kind of person you are — a focused minimalist (Johan Eric); a fashion-forward creative (Versus Versace); an athletic executive (GV2). An interesting watch is a conversation starter. It gives little hints about your unique blend of professionalism and personality. A watch is distinctive.

3) A good watch is a fashion accessory. You can change watches to match outfits. Watches offer thousands of options and features for you to choose from. Colors, shapes, dials, metals, leather, diamonds, solar, atomic, bangles and buttons, in just about any combination you can imagine. Meanwhile, everyone’s phones look pretty much the same.

4) Watches signal achievement. They say you got that great job. Passed the bar. Made it to an office with a real door that closes. A good watch is a gift worthy of marking an occasion. Engrave it, treasure it, wear it as an emblem of success.

5) A quality watch becomes a family heirloom. If you’re lucky, you inherit one from your grandfather. If not, start your own tradition by investing in a watch you love that you can pass down to your children. Watches get better with time, but nobody hands down an old smartphone.

There’s one other big advantage of a watch over a phone. Watchmakers don’t take their customers hostage with a two-year contract. They don’t send you a bill every month and no matter how much you use your watch, there will never be any overage charges.

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