How to Open and Close a Deployment Clasp Buckle

Versace Deployment ClaspA deployment clasp, also called a deployment buckle, a deployant clasp, a butterfly clasp, or an invisible double locking clasp is an expanding metal mechanism designed to fasten a watch band with a fitted look. Deployment watch bands are an elegant option, eliminating the bulky look of the longer watch bands with traditional buckles. However, as sleek as deployment watch buckles make your watch look, they can be just as tricky to operate, much more so than other watch clasp types.

The following three watch clasp videos demonstrate step-by-step how to open and close different deployment clasp watches and buckles:

How to Open and Close a Deployment Clasp Buckle on Your Watch

This and the following two videos demonstrate how to open and close the deployment or deployant clasp buckle on your watch.

How to Operate a Deployment Clasp Leather Strap

Steven Jay explains how to operate a deployment or deployant clasp leather strap.

How to Operate a Dual Deployant Butterfly Clasp

Steven Jay explains how to operate your fashionable set-it and forget-it dual deployant butterfly watch clasp.

How a Deployment Clasp Works

Invented in 1910 by Louis Cartier, deployment watch clasps fold and unfold to provide a tailored fit. When a deployment clasp is closed, its buckle is virtually invisible.

In order to look invisible, a deployment clasp watch band has two “wings” that fold in toward the middle from opposite ends of the clasp.

How to Open a Deployment Clasp

The deployment clasp is opened by pulling the joined ends of the clasp outward, away from each other, like a butterfly spreading its wings. The deployment clasp buckle can then be fastened around the wrist.

Opening and Fastening the Deployment Buckle

On a watch with a leather band, the deployment clasp buckle must be pulled open, away from the edge at the end of the watch, to expose the pin, which fits into the holes on the band.

You must position the band, so that the pin faces the hole corresponding to your wrist size. Once you find the proper hole on the watch band and push the pin through the hole, you press the top and bottom portions of the hinged buckle back together. The deployant buckle will snap firmly into place.

After the buckle has been closed, slip the end of the band through the loops on the strap.

Unfastening and Removing a Deployment Clasp Watch

Reversing the steps, pull the end of the watch band through the loops and reopen the deployment clasp buckle, exposing the pin. Remove the watch band from the hole and pull the end of the watch band out of the buckle.

Then, to reopen the butterfly clasp, pull the band upward toward your body so as to unfold each wing from its closed position back into an open position. If that does not open the clasp, pull on each end of the clasp to reopen it, just as you did to open it when you put on the watch.

Double Push Button Deployment Clasp Buckle

If you find there are two push buttons on the bottom of your deployment clasp, you’re now the proud owner of a double push-button deployment clasp buckle. To open and close this type of watch clasp, follow the instructions above for a regular watch clasp, but instead of pulling on the clasp at the beginning of the opening and closing process, simply push both buttons to release the clasp mechanism.

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