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Donatella Versace FashionFashion watches have always existed. After all, if a watch was just something we used to tell the time, we wouldn’t need very many. Probably a single watch would do. Watches are far more than timekeeping instruments though and they always have been.

When you wear a watch of any type, you are making a statement. Just having a watch on your wrist tells people quite a bit about you. That’s why in recent years, wrist watches have become quite popular as fashion statements for both men and women. A watch is an easy way to establish or solidify your identity.

Fashion watches don’t have to be expensive. These fashionable timepieces come in every size and shape, and in every price range. Some of today’s most popular fashion watches are playfully casual. Others are just the opposite, and are encrusted with gold and diamonds.

GV2 Just Cavalli Haurex Police
GV2 Fashion Watches - 3002R Mens Parachute
Just Cavalli Fashion Watches - R7253277525 Ladies Rich
Haurex Fashion Watches - 9D367USO Mens Talento-R
Police Fashion Watches - PL.13093JSB-02A Mens Raptor
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Haemmer Morellato GO “Girl Only” Gattinoni
Haemmer Fashion Watches - DHC-08 Ladies Secrets Chronograph
Morellato Fashion Watches - SID013 Ladies Colours
GO Girl Only
Gattinoni Fashion Watches 202681SA13-44B Ladies Planetarium
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The great thing about watches as fashion statements is that there’s something for everyone. If you consider yourself a geek, there’s a watch for you. You could wear a watch with a built-in calculator, altimeter, compass or even a GPS display. In today’s world, you could even wear your iPad as your watch! If you are a fashionista who follows the red carpet, your choices are almost unlimited. World-renowned fashion houses like Versace and Ferragamo wouldn’t consider launching a major new collection without including their latest designer watch creations.

Versace Ferragamo Valentino Belstaff
Versace Designer Watches - 86Q70D008 S009 Ladies Destiny Spirit
Ferragamo Designer Watches - F64SBQ5201 S109 Ladies Gancino Sparkling
Valentino Designer Watches - V57MBQ9R97IS111 Ladies Lace
Belstaff Designer Watches - BLF2007AA Mens Adventure Chronograph
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There’s plenty for younger trendsetters as well. Fashion watches don’t have to be expensive to be fashion forward. Popular brands like Paris Hilton have proved that you can still have plenty of glitter without the gold.

3H Italia Montres Deluxe Paris Hilton Boxer Milano
3H Italia Fashion Watches - 441AN Mens Oceandiver
Montres Deluxe Fashion Watches - CP3-AC-QZ-BLU-C RED Ladies Capri
Paris Hilton Fashion Watches - PH.13108MPPK-28 Ladies Ice Glam
Boxer Milano Fashion Watches - BOX 40Z BLACK Ladies Boxer 40 Zirconia Bezel
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We live in an age of self-expression. What you read, what you listen to, and what you wear matters. That’s why fashion watches are here to stay. Believe it or not, the watch on your wrist can say volumes about the people you admire and the passions that inspire you. Your watch is a shortcut to your personality. The best thing about these fabulous fashion accessories it that no matter what you’re feeling today, if you wake up feeling different tomorrow, you just put on a different watch.

Wide, thin, understated or over-the-top fashion watches, there’s always a watch to match your mood. Your watch might be platinum, or it might be plastic. The important thing about these important fashion accessories is that in addition to telling the time, fashion watches tell the world something about you.

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