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Versace Watches

Versace Watches

The House of Versace: The World’s Most Famous Fashion Brand

Versace WatchesThe Versace name is legendary. Under Gianni Versace’s guidance, the Maison masterfully combined rock and roll, celebrity culture, theater, and ballet to fundamentally redefine the role of fashion in the modern world. The brand’s signature style has long been associated with glamor and intrigue. When Gianni Versace was murdered on the front steps of his Miami mansion on July 15, 1997, the Versace name became associated with tragedy as well. Many wondered if the iconic brand would survive.

Gianni Versace Gianni Versace Fashioning Models Donatella, Elton John and Gianni Versace Gianni Versace

Donatella Versace: The Savvy Diva Behind the Iconic Designs

Gianni’s younger sister Donatella not only kept the Versace name alive; she took it to the next level. Using her personal friendships with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Demi Moore, she started dressing the stars and made the Versace name a household word.

Donatella has a strong business sense and immediately understood the importance of diversification. One of her first decisions as the company’s new Creative Director was to create a line of Versace watches. Donatella was quick to recognize that watches weren’t just timekeeping instruments. They were exciting fashion accessories and could be an important form of self-expression. Under Donatella’s leadership, Versace Watches have become one of the Maison’s most enduring success stories. These exquisite creations immediately became “must have” fashion accessories for fashion forward men and women around the world.

Donatella Versace is widely acknowledged as a fashion genius. Her almost infallible instinct for what fashionistas will want next has turned the Versace name into one of the world’s most recognizable and desirable brands. The Versace label has so much clout these days that it’s not just the fashion elite that want a piece of the action.

The financial world has discovered Versace as well. Private equity powerhouse Blackstone recently purchased a 20% stake in the company. The Versace family will still control the company’s future, but they’ll have a lot of help with a 200 million dollar infusion of cash from Blackstone. Some of this new capital will be used to bring Versace’s unique attention to detail and commitment to quality to an even wider audience.

Versace Watches

Versace Watches, like the brand’s signature clothing lines, are the embodiment of the Maison’s signature style. Versace’s own top designers create these exquisite timepieces in Italy. Donatella even designs some models personally.

Craftsmanship goes hand-in-hand with creativity at Versace. That’s why all Versace watches are manufactured in Switzerland by master watchmakers. To meet stringent Swiss certification standards, quality is strictly controlled and maintained at all times. This unique combination of carefully controlled craftsmanship and creative styling has turned the Versace myth into something you can wear on your wrist.

The iconic styling, imaginative shapes and superb quality found in a Versace timepiece are unlike anything else on the market. With twelve exciting collections to choose from, any discriminating person has the opportunity to make the Versace myth their own.

Versace Dylos Chrono & Lady

With their superb craftsmanship and distinctive octagonal cases, Versace Dylos timepieces are re-defining the geometry of style. Available in a men’s chronograph and a woman’s three-hand configuration, the eight-sided Dylos is a masterful blend of iconic Versace motifs and classic geometric forms. The 44 mm chronograph features two octagonal totalizers at 10 and 2 o’clock, plus a small seconds display at 6 o’clock.

The familiar Versace Medusa at 12 o’clock occupies a place of honor on the beautifully textured dial, while an eight-sided crown completed the geometric theme. The smaller 35 mm Dylos Lady utilizes many of the same iconic shapes and symbols, adding a beautiful top ring engraved with the Versace Greek key motif. The Dylos Lady is available in six exciting variations, while the men’s chronograph is available in three different versions. Both models offer a choice of stainless steel, IP yellow gold, or two-tone editions that can be fitted with your choice of a matching link bracelet or a premium leather strap.

Versace DV-25

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Versace timepieces, Donatella Versace created the DV-25. This all-new square design is incredibly well made and richly embellished with Versace’s iconic imagery. The fashion forward timepiece incorporates the familiar Versace Greek key motif on both the bezel and chapter ring, with an additional row of Versace studs on the bezel and two V shaped Greek key links on the luxurious leather strap. The stunning 30 x 30 mm two-hand configuration is available with four genuine diamonds as indices and includes a unique eight sided setting crown emblazoned with the Versace Medusa on top.

A variety of colors are available, including classic black, cool white, warm tan and lavender. There is even a one-of-a-kind DV-25 created for Donatella Versace to wear with an 18kt solid gold case that has been embellished with 28 brilliant baguette cut diamonds on the top ring. This inspired creation is destined to become a modern classic.

Versace Khai

Majesty, greatness, and triumph are associated with the word Khai in many cultures. All of these superlatives apply to Versace Khai timepieces. The sophisticated 38 mm two-hand configuration is richly endowed with Versace’s iconic symbols, including a large Medusa at the center of the beautiful guilloché sunray dial. A smaller Medusa sits atop the fluted setting crown. The Khai’s chapter ring is decorated with the familiar Versace Greek key motif and a unique domed bezel completes the inspired design.

Six different edition of the Khai are available, including models with silver, black, IP gold, or two-tone dials. There is even a premium model adorned with 66 glittering diamonds embedded in the bezel. The Khai can be fitted with your choice of a premium top stitched and padded leather strap attached with Versace’s signature T-bar lugs, or a beautiful fitted link bracelet that matches the stainless steel or IP rose gold case. Sized perfectly for a woman’s wrist, the elegant Khai is ideal for dress or cocktail wear.

Versace Women’s V-Race

Chronometers aren’t generally known for their good looks. That all changed with the introduction of the Versace V-Race Chronograph. This functional timing tool is also a fabulous fashion accessory. With its innovative retrograde subdials, Topaz studded interchangeable bezel, and color coordinated padded leather strap, this is one of the most beautiful timepieces available today.

The attention to detail found on the V-Race Chronograph is astounding. 72 genuine fuchsia or light blue Topaz stones have been artfully mounted in groups of six that alternate with an engraved Versace Greek key motif. The subtle two-tone grey and white dial with a familiar Versace Medusa at 12 o’clock is not only a thing of beauty; it is also exceptionally readable. There is even an alternate bezel included with the watch featuring an engraved Versace logo and three Topaz stones, making it easy and fun to accessorize with different outfits. If you’re looking for a fine chronograph where fashion is just as important as function, the V-Race is it.

Versace V-Helix

The sensational 39 mm Versace V-Helix puts a whole new spin on time. This intricate, asymmetric two-hand configuration places the hands in an offset chapter ring, surrounded by a delicate spiral of raised bar indices. This artful placement, combined with an asymmetric bezel featuring overlapping polished inner and Clou de Paris outer surfaces creates a dynamic sensation of motion that must be seen to be fully appreciated. A guilloché dial engraved with delicate curved line sections and the iconic Versace Medusa at 6 o’clock provides the perfect complement to the unique asymmetric design.

There are five versions of the V-Helix available, including one model with a genuine pavé diamond bezel. All V-Helix watches are fitted with a quilted premium leather strap that has been embossed with a geometric pattern. Whichever model you select, you will be wearing a timepiece that is pure poetry in motion.

Versace Mini Vanitas

The opulence of Versailles now comes in a new smaller size. The original Vanitas timepieces, designed by Donatella Versace herself, became an instant hit by masterfully blending baroque extravagance with Versace’s own signature style. The diminutive 30 mm Mini Vanitas features the same signature quilted enamel dial as its larger sister. The exquisitely crafted timepiece features 12 polished Versace studs that are artfully placed on a dial that is resplendent with a gold Versace Medusa at 12 o’clock.

This sophisticated two-hand configuration is available in seven stylish variations, including a choice of black, white, red, and nude dials. The watch can be equipped with a choice of a quilted leather strap that matches the quilted enamel dial, or an IP gold bracelet with a quilted link pattern. Like its larger sister, the Mini Vanitas is a modern masterpiece that evokes the glamor and opulence of the Baroque era.

Versace V-Signature

The fashion forward Versace V-Signature line are timepieces worthy of the name. This stunning 35 mm ladies watch is already creating a sensation with its glamorous interpretation of the Versace esthetic.

Featuring an IP rose-gold case with a characteristic Versace Greek key bezel supported by two oversized lugs in the shape of a Greek key, this unique watch is the perfect complement to the entire V-Signature clothing line.

A versatile detachable black or white cuff style patent leather wristband can be worn two ways. With the distinctive leather cuff in place, the watch has an aggressive rock and roll feel. The thinner top part of the band can also be slipped out of the cuff-style base for a more feminine style and fit. This dual personality is almost like having two timepieces for the price of one. It’s up to you whether you wear your V-Signature to make a bold, edgy statement, or as a feminine dress watch. The choice is yours in red, bronze, orange, lime yellow and turquoise, as well as Versace’s signature black and white.

Versace V-Ray

The boldly styled 44 mm V-Ray is a celebration of speed and sportsmanship. This handsome men’s chronograph features a dial with strongly contrasting colors. Three silver totalizers are centered in a navy blue dial with a distinctive fuchsia central seconds hand. The chronograph indexes, crown seal and button tops are also utilize this same fuchsia color. To complete the design, there is a versatile tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel. Powered by a precision Swiss made Ronda 5040D quartz chronograph movement, this impressive sports chronograph delivers Swiss precision in characteristic Versace style.

Versace Day Glam

Under the guidance of famed designer Giorgio Galli, Versace has taken the traditional chronograph and turned it into a thing of beauty. This perfectly proportioned 38 mm ladies chronograph combines fashion and function as only Versace can. Featuring a gorgeous turquoise, bronze, candy pink, black, or white mother of pearl dial, the Versace Day Glam is introducing a whole new generation of women to the joys of wearing a fine chronograph. The inspired design includes a matching cabochon crystal on top of the knurled setting crown.

Versace MedusaThe Versace Medusa is proudly displayed at 12 o’clock. There is also a convenient date window at 4 o’clock, along with a versatile tachymeter scale on the beveled chapter ring to complete the harmonious display. With its ergonomic long square-cut lugs and color coordinated alligator print leather strap, the Day Glam provides a fresh new approach to staying on time.

Versace Urban Gent

The refined Urban Gent was created by Versace to meet the needs of the 21st Century gentleman. Versace designers understood that the hallmark of a true gentleman has always been his understated sophistication, commitment to quality, and personal integrity. To meet the needs of today’s urban gent, they created a timepiece that celebrates these ideals. This superb gentleman’s watch exhibits the unmistakable Versace quality and craftsmanship that ensure it will become a treasured heirloom to be passed from one generation to the next.

This limited edition 44 mm watch is powered by a precision, Swiss made ETA 2892 automatic mechanical movement, and produced in a strictly limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide. With its elegant applied Roman numerals, raised bar indexes, iconic Versace Medusa at 12 o’clock, and discretely engraved Versace Greek key decorations, the Urban Gent is sure to appeal to horology enthusiasts, watch aficionados, and any true gentleman. Unfortunately, since so few of these exclusive timepieces are available, not every gentleman will be able to acquire one.

Versace V-Race GMT Alarm

The stunning Versace V-Race GMT Alarm is a fashionable solution to the problem faced by all world travelers. With the addition of a red-tipped world time hand and a 24-hour scale on the dial, travelers can easily track the current time in any of the world’s 40 different time zones. A separate blue-tipped dial is used to set your designated alarm time.

The latest edition of this superb dual time zone watch features this season’s hottest horological color: blue. The combination of a navy blue sunray dial with a matching navy blue alligator print leather band is absolutely stunning. The masculine 46 mm timepiece is powered by a Swiss made ISA 8176-1990 quartz movement that is housed in a distinctive stainless steel or IP yellow gold case with the Versace logo repeated on the bezel.

Versace Vanitas

The spectacular Versace Vanitas has an opulence that Madame de Pompadour could appreciate. This magnificent 40 mm women’s watch was designed by Donatella Versace herself. A Baroque matelassé pattern on the beautiful enameled dial is used to create a quilted effect that is totally unique and completely Versace. Now available in an extended color palette that includes popular prêt-à-porter shades of lime yellow, turquoise and purple, in addition to the original black, ivory, red and blue, this Baroque masterpiece is destined to become a classic.

To complete the signature look, each Vanitas watch has been equipped with a matching quilted leather strap decorated with characteristic Versace studs. Powered by a dependable Swiss made Ronda 762.3 quartz movement, this sumptuous and seductive timepiece represents Versace style at its very best.

Versace Mystique Sport

The stunning Versace Mystique Sport gets its dynamic styling and unmistakable personality from the world of motor racing. This handsome 46 mm men’s chronograph features metal edged totalizers that are reminiscent of the instruments found in racing automobiles. With its easy-to-read tachymeter scale on the bezel and a racing inspired leather strap, this sophisticated chronograph is much more than a fashion statement. The three-counter chronograph has elapsed time and small seconds functions and can even do split timings. With it’s beautiful Clous de Paris decoration on the dial and an iconic Versace Medusa at 12 o’clock, this superb sports watch is a testament Versace quality and style.

Versace V-Metal Icon

The unusual and intriguing Versace V-Metal Icon catches your attention immediately with the iconic Versace Medusa at the center of the dial, surrounded by two triangular arrows that appear to be suspended in mid-air. Mounted on invisible crystal disks, these arrows indicate the hours and minutes by pointing to a Roman numeral scale marked in relief on the beveled chapter ring.

This stunning 40 mm creation is powered by a premium Swiss made Ronda 762.3 quartz movement and features a distinctive bezel decorated to resemble a classic gourmette link chain. Add the distinctive Versace Greek key decoration inside the rehaut, a beautiful black patent leather strap with metal segments, and a butterfly buckle and you’ve got a watch that could only come from the House of Versace.

Versace Couture

The Versace Couture, inspired by the fabled Versace Couture clothing line, is a playful yet elegant homage to the Versace identity. The prevailing theme of the watch is the timeless Versace Greek key decoration which embodies the brands character. The Greek key is showcased throughout the watch; it’s inscribed on the dial as well as embroidered on the sumptuous leather strap. The Versace Couture comes in a unique stainless steel or IP yellow gold oval shaped case. Available in many colors such as white, black, red and tan this watch is sure to evoke some of your favorite Versace Couture memories.

Versace Vanity

This iconic distillation of Versace style has become so popular in recent years that it is on the verge of becoming a cult object. All the emblematic Versace symbols are here. From the precisely engraved Greek key on the central portion of the beautiful sunray dial, to five studs above the Versace logo at 12 o’clock and even more studs surrounding the bezel, this diminutive 35 mm women’s watch is a masterpiece.

The exquisitely crafted Versace Vanity is just the right size for dressy occasions, yet dramatic enough to complement casual outfits. The watch is powered by a precision Swiss made Ronda 762.3 quartz movement and has been equipped with a luxurious crocodile print leather strap embellished with two Medusa studs and a convenient butterfly buckle. The Versace Vanity is more than feminine; it’s fabulous.

Versace Venus

The sophisticated Versace Venus captures the essence of the Roman Goddess of Love with its youthful and feminine air. This fresh 39 mm women’s watch will certainly bring out your inner goddess. The watch features an attractive asymmetric dual bezel design with a seemingly floating topaz gemstone revolving around the dial. This vibrant collection comes in colors ranging from classic black and ivory to exciting shades of sorbet, electric blue and seafoam green. A luxurious lizard skin strap matches the dial. With the Venus taking its styling from the mythical goddess of love, the watch is sure to provoke much adoration.

Versace Leda

This new addition to the growing Versace Watch line combines the sophisticated allure of the Versace myth with the attention to detail that only Versace master craftsmen can deliver. The elegant two-hand configuration features a silvered, gilt, or mother of pearl dial etched with contrasting matte and polished finishes. The bezel has been engraved with the iconic Versace Greek key motif, while the crown is embellished with a precious black cabochon crystal. The allure of the Versace Leda is enhanced even further with your choice of an elegant black or pink crocodile print glacé leather strap, or a luxurious two-tone, or IP rose gold stainless steel bracelet.

Wear the Versace Myth on Your Wrist

Every Versace watch is a careful balance of classical and modern influences. These exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted works of art make the Versace myth something any discriminating person can wear on their wrist. Through a brilliant use of color, and emblazoned with the famous Versace Greek key, metal stud, and Medusa symbols, each of these exquisitely crafted timepieces is unmistakable. There’s no substitute for Versace’s unique signature style. Maybe it’s time you started wearing one of these masterpieces on your own wrist. To put one of these beauties on your wrist, you will need to contact your authorized Versace watch dealer immediately.

Gevril Group US and Caribbean Agent for Versace Timepieces

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Nakash Family Denies Sale of Versace Mansion to Beckham
Pantone Selects Marsala as 2015 Color of the Year
Possible Changes Ahead for the House of Versace
Romantic Hot Pink Versace Limited Edition V-Race Watch
ShopHQ Introduces Exciting New Way to Buy Luxury Timepieces
Spectacular New Versace Collections Bloom at Baselworld 2012
Story of the Versace Medusa Logo
The Beauty and Glamor of Baselworld
The Lights and Colors of Baselworld
The Mystique of Donatella Versace
The Notorious B.I.G. Loved Donatella Versace
The Stars Shine in Versace at the 2014 Oscars
The Versace Destiny Spirit Watch’s Impeccable Design
The World of Versace
Two-Tone Versace Watches: The Reve Chrono and Vanity
Travel Gold Coast and Dubai in Versace Palazzo Style
Versace and Versus Baselworld 2015 Preview
Versace and Versus Watches Have Couture Las Vegas Abuzz
Versace and Versus Watches Wow JCK Las Vegas 2015
Versace Announces Winner of Inaugural Watch Design Contest
Versace Chooses Blackstone to Accelerate Company Growth
Versace DV-25 Round Timepiece Debuts at Baselworld 2016
Versace DV One Cruise December 15 Launch Invitation
Versace DV One Limited Edition Cruise Collection Comes to America
Versace DV One Skeleton Watch Introduced at Baselworld 2013
Versace DV-25 “Talking Piece” Watch
Versace Enters the World of Superheros with Kuba Ka
Versace for H&M Commercial Sells More Than High Fashion
Versace for H&M Launch
Versace Goes Gaga for Spring 2014
Versace Greek Key Design
Versace Inspires The Mikado at Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Versace Introduces Stunning New DV One Cruise During Milan Fashion Week
Versace Named Most Googled Brand of 2013
Versace One of a Kind Watch Design Contest
Versace Outfits Real Madrid Soccer Team
Versace Perfume Takes on Oud with Pour Femme Oud Oriental
Versace Timepieces and Nuestra Belleza Latina
Versace Timepieces Names Kari Allen President for the US and Caribbean Markets
Versace to Expand Jewelry Boutiques in the Middle East
Versace Updates Bright Crystal Absolu Fragrance for 2014
Versace V-Race GMT Alarm Quartz Watch Collection Debuts at Baselworld 2013
Versace V-Race New Look Baselworld 2016
Versace Vanity Christmas Edition
Versace Vanity Chrono Debuts at Baselworld 2013
Versace V-Signature Watch Collection to Launch at Baselworld 2014
Versace Watches at Baselworld 2011
Versace Watches at Baselworld 2012
Versace Watches Dazzle Baselworld 2015
Versace Watches Electrify Baselworld 2014
Versace Watches Invitation to Baselworld 2013
Versace Watches Invitation to Baselworld 2014
Versace Watches Star at Couture Las Vegas
Versace Watches to Exhibit at Couture 2014
Versace Wows Crowds With New Lines at Baselworld 2013
Versace Writing Instruments
Versace Yellow Diamond Intense: Heavenly Perfume for Summer
What Makes Donatella Versace Nervous?

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