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Category: Fortis Watches

Fortis Terrestis Watch Collection

by John Sealander If you thought that Fortis only made tool watches, the new Terrestis Collection will remind you of a time when Fortis made

Fortis 19Fortis Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici New Territory, Same Fortis Expertise After more than a century of watchmaking, Fortis can cite several years in its history that are

Fortis Hedonist Watch Collection

by John Sealander Both classically inspired Fortis timepieces have their roots in the elegance of the 1930’s but are as different as night and day.

Fortis Orchestra Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici A Fine Ensemble from Fortis Watches in the Fortis Terrestis collection are inspired by designs of the 1930s and ’40s. They are

Fortis 2π Watch by Rolf Sachs

by John Sealander Rolf Sachs and Fortis Celebrate the Mathematics of Time with a Sensational New TimepieceInternationally renowned artist and designer Rolf Sachs is well

Fortis Monolith Watch Collection

by John Sealander Over 20 years of space proven experience went into creating this new timepiece for the next generation of space travelers. The new

Fortis PC-7 Team Watch Collection

by John Sealander For over 25 years, the famous Swiss Airforce PC-7 Aerobatics Team has been demonstrating the elegance and beauty of precise formation flying.

Fortis Daybreaker Watch Collection

by John Sealander With more than 500 micro-mechanical parts, this extraordinary GMT, alarm, chronometer is one of the most complex timepieces ever made. The astonishing

Fortis Tycoon Watch Collection

by John Sealander After 100 years of watchmaking history, Fortis understands that planning for the future always begins with a respect for the past.Fortis is

Fortis Aviatis Watch Collection

by John Sealander If you’re looking for a great pilot’s watch, then look at what real pilots are wearing.Many people make aviation inspired timepieces, but

Fortis Cosmonautis Watch Collection

by John Sealander After 20 years in space and over 100,000 orbits around the earth, Fortis continues to set the standard for astronauts and cosmonauts.The

Fortis F-43 Recon Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici Prepared for Takeoff Fortis is known for its progressive approach to watchmaking, for its technical achievements and for its host of mission-oriented

Fortis Marinemaster Watch Collection

by John Sealander Any serious sailor, diver, or adventurer wouldn’t go near water without one of these. Fortis Marinemaster timepieces have been a favorite of

Fortis Flieger Cockpit Watch Collection

by John Sealander A Vintage Aviator Style Timepiece with a Trouble-Free Modern Mechanical MovementVintage watches are in. And nobody does vintage better than Fortis. Fortis

Swiss Watches and Space Technology

by Adrian Herscovici Swiss Contribution to Space Travel and the Watches that Made the JourneyThe 1961 space voyage of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin aboard the

Free Fortis 100 Years Book

by John Sealander   Fortis Wrote the Book on Fine Timepieces, Now You Can Read It In many ways, the history of Fortis is the

Fortis Zero-G Space Art Contest

by John Sealander   After 100 Years of Going Where No Watch Has Gone Before,Fortis Wanted to Give Their Fans the Same Opportunity Fortis has

Fortis Watches Go into Space

by John Sealander The Last Frontier is Series of Firsts for FortisAs the last Space Shuttle completes its final mission, Fortis continues to focus on

Fortis Watches in Space Since 1994

Space Shuttle Endeavour Fortis Watches has long been a top leader in creating space, pilot and squadron watches. The video clip shows an early flight

Fortis Watches 2011 Basel Collage

The remarkable and endearing Mr. and Mrs. Peter led the Fortis marketing team to Basel, Switzerland to meet distributors and retailers from all over the

Fortis Watches in Basel

Gevril Group US, Canada and Caribbean Fortis Watches Agent Gevril Group is the sole US, Canada and Caribbean agent for Fortis Watches and the official

Fortis Private Label Squadron Watches

Fortis Private Label Squadron Watches enable you and your squadron to personalize your new Fortis aviation watches with the insignia of your air squadron, navy