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Catorex 183.2.1679.000 Men’s Armand Cattin Mechanical Hand-Wind Sterling Exhibition Pocket Watch

by Meehna Goldsmith

Bare Bones: Catorex Men’s Armand Cattin Mechanical Hand-Wind Sterling Exhibition Pocket Watch

Catorex WatchesAlthough you might not have heard the name Catorex floating around horology circles, they in fact are a Swiss company with roots dating back to the late 18th century when Georges Ignace Cattin starting making watches. Since then, the company has stayed in the family, passing down through generations. The director, Guy A. Cattin, represents the 6th generation in charge of this independent company.

Buy Catorex 183.2.1679.000 Armand Cattin Pocket WatchDue to the fashion of the day, Catorex mostly focuses on men’s watches but pocket watches have a special place in their heart, since this timepiece is where it all began. While current brands that make pocket watches only have a few in the catalogue, Catorex has 20, a strong indication of their commitment to this bygone era when railroads were the main form of transportation, skyscrapers pierced the skies and speakeasies were all the rage with the likes of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald dancing the nights away.

But quite recently, the pocket watch has made a comeback. Once the discarded and stodgy grandfather to the wristwatch, the pocket watch has regained respect among the upstart whippersnapper watches.

Skeletonized pocket watches are a special category of the genre. Not only are they difficult to execute, they reveal the beauty of the movement. Skeleton watches are different than open-faced watches, which are made to show parts of the mechanics below. A skeleton watch starts with an existing movement that is then altered through the cutting away of the plate, bars and bridges to create a beautiful design. Oftentimes they are also engraved.

In their original form, the bridges and main plate of the movement are strong and stable. Skeletonizing makes them more fragile and if it isn’t done correctly then the movement loses its function and will fail or break. Usually 60- 70 % of the material in the movement is cut away. It’s a dangerous game of knowing how much to leave and how much to remove because like an enamel watch, mistakes result in putting the piece in the trash heap and starting again.

In the Armand Cattin Sterling Roman Numerals Exhibition Pocket Watch, Catorex gets it just right, presenting a lovely design that also allows for appreciation of the mechanics working below. The watch comes cased in a sturdy and pure 925 silver case without a cover, which is referred to as a Lepine case. Those with a cover are called Hunter. The dial is a nice balance of modern style skeletonization with a complementary nod to the traditional with the Roman numerals circling a guilloche ring.

A hand wind movement, a must in a skeletonized watch so you can see the dance of the escapement ticking away, powers the Armand Cattin Sterling Roman Numerals Exhibition Pocket Watch. The exhibition back allows a view of the back of the movement, giving double the visual enjoyment.

Catorex 183.2.1679.000 Men’s Armand Cattin Mechanical Hand-Wind Sterling Silver Roman Numerals Exhibition Pocket Watch

Buy Catorex 183.2.1679.000 Armand Cattin Pocket WatchKey features:

  • Swiss made timepiece
  • Swiss mechanical hand-wind movement
  • 925 sterling silver case without cover, diameter 52 mm, thickness 9 mm
  • Skeletonized sterling silver dial, exhibition caseback
  • Durable mineral crystal
  • Stationary stainless steel bezel
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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