Keverne Denahan

Keverne DenahanGrowing up, Keverne’s Mother was always at the typewriter.  Keverne remembers hearing the clickety-clack of the keys and the “ding” of the return as her Mother typed letter after letter to who knows who.  She always got a response.  Keverne seems to have inherited this ability to reach people.  She has written cold letters to powerful CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and always receives a personal reply.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Keverne is a serial entrepreneur.  It all started when she was five years old peddling vegetables to neighbors, including the famous Jersey Tomatoes.  She went to college to master French and all things Fashion Buying and Merchandising at F.I.T. in NYC, a dream since she was five years old.

After working at several companies doing everything from selling to market research, marketing and promotions, modeling and manufacturing, it was only natural that her path led to entrepreneurship.  Currently, her passion is writing content for Luxury Brands around the world.

Her Mother was an Educator for children with special needs as well as involved in the Arts.  She gets her creative streak from her.  Her Father was a Chemical Engineer in charge of Safety for Exxon. He patented a process for Exxon in 1964 that is still in use today. She gets her curiosity from him.

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