Top 5 Reasons Why a Watch is a Timeless Accessory

by Keverne Denahan

When we think of a watch, we think of it as an accessory that not only has function, but has design.  Design can be as intricate as different time zones, diving altimeters and lunar phases to as basic as two hands moving around a dial.


So how is it that while some accessories that were considered “de rigueur” in their time have gone by the wayside, while the wristwatch marches forward?  Think about sweater clips in the 50’s for example. Whether for sport, business, deep sea diving or an evening out, watches march on as the “it” wrist accessory.



Let’s explore the top five reasons why a watch is timeless (pun intended):


  1. Fashion: As fashion tides ebb and flow, a steady symbol throughout cycles is the wristwatch as an accessory.  As luxury and fashion watches go, it gives the added benefit of serving a function as well as a new meaning to the term ‘arm candy’.   More elaborate watch models give you the Lunar Phasedual time zones and more. Fashion can be classified as Classic with more understated models such as the Cartier Tank watch, or more trendy styles with rubber watch bands and bright colors such as the Fitbit Smartwatch Versa 3.



  1. Iconic: When we say “iconic”, our minds instantly go to large, groomed swaths of land, horse stables, wooden yachts, classic cars, Italian leather goods, rich linens, cashmere and luxe fabrics.  We conjure up living with ease in comfort and style as our way of life.  This style is often passed down through generations of living in luxury, but it can be learned and replicated at most demographic levels.  A Swiss made watch would fall into the category of iconic style with just an ounce of indulgence.

    Man Sailing Luxury Yacht



  1. Collectible: Many High Net Worth individuals understand the value of collecting a well-made and highly sought-after timepiece.  Talk to a man with a stunning timepiece and oftentimes you will discover that this is one of many in his collection.  Understanding a quality timepiece and its unique value is what attracts those in-the-know to begin their collections.  Once begun, it’s hard to turn down even the most expensive of watches when you know that it could be sold at auction such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s.


  1. Heritage: Selling at auction is one possibility for a watch collector, but another is the value of passing your watch down to the next generation.  Time literally marches on no matter where you live or what you do.  As families continue, so does the legacy of time which makes receiving a watch as inheritance or special gift, all the more meaningful.  Knowing you are wearing your grandfather’s watch as he built his company and raised his family brings the heritage aspect of a timepiece so much closer. It’s a connector to others in your family tree, a way of keeping them here with us.

    Image by Keverne Denahan


  1. Professional: Check any wrist on Wall Street and you are sure to see the likes of many high-end watch brands.  Time is critical to a successful businessman or businesswoman who has to attend meetings, power lunches, catch a flight or even catch up on the golf course.  The practicality of checking the time makes the luxury timepiece an essential accessory.  It’s been noted that successful people wear a watch.

    Image by Keverne Denahan


So, there you have it.  If you have always worn a watch, then you understand the significance.  If you’ve been questioning the value of wearing a watch rather than just using your mobile phone to check the time, then this should validate your decision, no matter what brand you choose.

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