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Celebrities Celebrity Watch
Discover what celebrities are wearing! Read about the latest celebrity news and what designer watches, luxury watches, and fashion watches celebrities wear.

Colors of Spring/Summer 2015 Men’s Fashion and Watches Colors of Summer 2015 Men’s Fashion and Watches
From Marsala to Titanium, the hottest colors of Spring/Summer 2015 men’s fashion are matched with stunning watches to make perfect fashion-forward pairings.

Colors of Spring/Summer 2015 Women’s Fashion and Watches Colors of Summer 2015 Women’s Fashion and Watches
The luscious hues of Spring/Summer 2015, from Glacier blue to Marsala glitter on the runways, accompanied by the season’s hottest fashion and luxury watches.

Colors of Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Women’s Fashion Watches Colors of Winter 2015 Women’s Fashion and Watches
The hot color trends seen on Versace, Ferragamo and Valentino Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runways match these high style watches, creating stunning fashion-forward looks.

Fashion News Fashion News
Learn about the latest fashion trends, fashion events, favorite fashion brands like Versace and Ferragamo, what celebrities are wearing, luxury and fashion timepieces, writing instruments, fragrances and other accessories.

Fashion Watch Fashion Watches
These are some of the best fashion watches and most popular fashion watch brands, including many affordable new fashion watches for women and men.

Ferragamo Watches Ferragamo Timepieces
About Ferragamo watches. The first Salvatore Ferragamo watch debuted in 2008. Today, Swiss made Ferragamo watches are sold at Ferragamo Boutiques and at select retailers.

Gianni Versace Bio Gianni Versace
Gianni Versace’s very first collections began to explore the themes that would eventually define his career. He was fascinated by Pop Art and was frequently seen with Andy Warhol and his entourage of “superstars.”

Pantone Selects Marsala as 2015 Color of the Year Pantone Selects Marsala as 2015 Color of the Year
Chosen by Pantone as the official color of 2015, the sophisticated Marsala color sensation is featured in these stunning watches and on the hottest runways.

Versace Greek Key Design Versace Greek Key Design
As a leading fashion brand, we look to Versace for new trends, yet one of its most iconic elements, the Greek key design, dates back to ancient Greece.

Story of the Versace Medusa Logo Versace Medusa Logo
The deep symbolism of the Medusa compelled Gianni Versace, the master designer, to adopt the Medusa Head as the central image of the House of Versace logo.

Versace Watches Versace Timepieces
About Versace watches. The hallmark of a Versace watch is the synthesis of unique Versace design and stylistic innovation with Swiss precision and technology.

Versus Watches Versus Watches
Versus by Versace, the rock-n-roll soul of Versace, is marked by flair and a taste for the unconventional. Versus watches are infused with the same passion that defines everything about Versace.

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