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Gattinoni Virgo Watch Collection

by Adrian Herscovici

A Constellation of Original and Fashionable Designs
Gattinoni WatchesItalian designer Fernanda Gattinoni opened her first atelier in 1946. Over the years she solidified her international reputation by dressing women such as Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Eva Peron and Jackie Kennedy. In addition to clothing, today’s Gattinoni has a team dedicated to creating watches and jewelry.

Buy Gattinoni WatchesThe Gattinoni Virgo collection of watches for women is a chic line featuring large round 46 mm cases paired with contrasting 25 mm calfskin leather straps. The pronounced case size is trendy, modern and completely cosmic.

Gattinoni Virgo W0196JGTGAT Gattinoni Virgo W0196JGTCHM
Gattinoni Virgo W0196JGTGAT Gattinoni Virgo W0196JGTCHM
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There are four dials to choose from in the collection: silver or gold (both with a sunburst pattern), deep black, and a design called Planetarium – Gattinoni’s signature look – which appears in many of its watch and jewelry designs. As the name suggests, the Planetarium watch design incorporates astronomical imagery originally inspired by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Rings, crescents and spherical shapes are combined with pastel colors and grainy textures to create this unique pattern.

Virgo models with the Planetarium dial feature a small globe at 12 o’clock that shows a view of the earth from the North Pole. Latin text is also prominent, including the expression Harmonices Mundi, which translates to “the harmony of the world,” the title of a book by famous mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler – and another strong allusion to the astronomical theme.

Gattinoni Virgo W0196GSTBLC Gattinoni Virgo W0196JSTBLK
Gattinoni Virgo W0196GSTBLC Gattinoni Virgo W0196JSTBLK
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As the name suggests, Virgo watches also have an astrological motif, Virgo being the sixth sign of the zodiac and the name of a constellation that contains several bright stars including Spica, its brightest and most famous. Stars, in the form of 12 zircon crystals, appear as hour markers on every watch in the Virgo collection atop a thin chapter ring at the outside of the dial.

Buy Gattinoni WatchesPlanetarium-textured leather bands combining the same warm colors and design are available for every model. The white-dialed models are also available mounted on colorful crocodile-patterned calfskin straps in green or pink. The cases are made of stainless steel (the gold-colored models are coated with gold IP), have mineral glass front crystals and quartz movements. All of the watches are three-handed with silver or gold hands to match the case color.

Contact an authorized Gattinoni dealer today to explore the constellation of original and fashionable designs by Gattinoni.

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