Criminal Minds Jennifer Love Hewitt Wears Gevril

Jennifer Love Hewitt

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Gevril WatchesGoing into its 10th season the police procedural Criminal Minds is getting a fresh face and character with Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast alongside Joe Mantegna and Shemar Moore. Starting in October, she will be introduced to audiences playing FBI agent Kate Callahan, whose work has gotten her an invitation to the coveted Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The unit tracks the most dangerous criminal minds, studying them in attempts to stop them from wreaking terror and havoc on the public. These people are referred to as unsubs or “unknown subjects”.

Though one of the younger agents, Hewitt’s character Callahan is wise and savvy from her eight years on the force. She has a background in criminal psychology and works from the heart to make the world a safer place. In her backstory, Callahan has endured a lot of personal loss that makes her not only an ardent patriot but also a nurturing person.

Hewitt started her career out in commercials but vaulted to the public’s attention with her role on the popular television series Party of Five. She later achieved stardom on the screen with the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer. In addition to acting, Hewitt is also a writer, director and producer. This talented actress even sings. Atlantic Records and Jive Records both have signed her to their labels in the pop genre. Her most successful single thus far was the 1999 release How Do I Deal.

Actors obviously create their characters through behavior but wardrobe, including accessories, also contributes to defining a character. Callahan reveals her more feminine side by the watch she chooses to wear. Around her wrist is the Gevril Avenue of Americas Glamour model 6209NE. It makes not only practical sense for a BAU agent to wear a watch but also makes symbolic sense since time is of the essence in tracking a criminal.

Jennifer with Her Gevril Avenue of Americas Glamour 6209NE
Jennifer with Her Gevril Avenue of Americas Glamour 6209NE Gevril 6209NE Avenue of Americas Glamour
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Hewitt is very enthusiastic about her Gevril. She says, “I love this watch so much! Makes watching time fly more fun.”

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