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Versace Enters the World of Superheros with Kuba Ka

Kuba Ka In His 2013 Hit Song “Stop Feenin”

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Superheroes have been a part of our culture since the 1930’s and 1940’s when Superman first came on the scene to fight for justice in serialized stories in the form of comic books. Other well known superheroes include Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Wolverine, all fighting for good against evil in fantasy worlds.

However, there has never been a real life Pop Super Hero… until now. Leave it to Donatella Versace, Creative Director of her eponymous fashion empire, to team up with Polish performer, actor, model and musician Kuba Ka to tread into new territory to create the first ever Pop Super Hero. Donatella and Kuba Ka already had a relationship because they worked together to design performance outfits for his dynamic shows. Donatella thought Kuba Ka a great candidate with his larger-than-life personality to enter into this new territory.

Kuba Ka is best known for his 2013 breakout hit song “Stop Feenin” and has collaborated with the best in the industry, including Flavor Fav and Frank Dileo, who was Michael Jackson’s manager for many years. In fact, Jackson also teamed up with Gianni Versace when he was alive to create costumes for his History World Tour in 1996.

Award Winning Artist Kuba Ka Michael Jackson Wearing Versace
Award Winning Artist Kuba Ka Michael Jackson Wearing Versace
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The Versace Kuba Ka collaboration is set to go into action when Kuba Ka releases his first album in the United States. Versace revealed the design of the Kuba Ka Superhero costume at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills to a tittering audience of entertainment execs and fans.

In black and gold, the costume is composed of black alligator leather with gold plated metal trimmings with the iconic Versace Medusa worked into the design on the front armor chest plate and back. Using Kuba Ka’s impressive abs, the costume incorporates Baroque print abs based on a sculpture of Kuba’s abs. This bespoke costume was so complex it took five months to produce and is the most expensive costume to be worn by a Pop artist to date.

Versace Costume
Versace Costume
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The choice of Kuba as the first real Pop Superhero isn’t random. Just like comic book superheroes, Kuba has fought for justice through organizing charity events for animals and people and also set up “Kuba Ka Army of Lights”, his own humanitarian organization. Fittingly, Kuba Ka’s superhero will meld with his real life personality to be a musically inclined comic book hero.

Although Versace has dressed many performers with tour outfits, such as Tupac, Axl Rose, Elton John, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, the couture house is taking collaboration a step further to create a new genre. The results are sure to be a groundbreaking spectacle of success.

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