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Gevril WatchesOver the years, Gevril watches have graced the wrists of many fashion-conscious celebrities. Here, for the pleasure of Gevril luxury watch enthusiasts, are four photos of celebrities wearing Gevril watches, which were featured on the website of The Ross Group.

Denzel Washington Wearing a Gevril Watch

Below are photos of Oscar winning actor, Denzel Washington playing NYPD hostage negotiator Keith Frazier, and fellow cast member Chiwetel Ejiofor, wearing a Gevril watch in Inside Man.

Denzel Washington Wearing a Gevril Watch in Inside Man

Chiwetel Ejiofor Wearing a Gevril Watch in Inside Man

Geena Davis and Jennifer Love Hewitt Wearing Gevril Watches

Below left is Golden Globe best TV-drama actress Geena Davis in Commander in Chief sporting a Gevril watch. On the right is Jennifer Love Hewitt, antique store owner and manager in Ghost Whisperer, also wearing a Gevril watch.

Geena Davis Wearing a Gevril Watch in Commander in Chief   Jennifer Love Hewitt Wearing a Gevril Watch in Ghost Whisperer

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