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Eric The Trainer Flexes His Style with the Police Dominator

by Steven Jay

Police WatchesEric The Trainer is a one of the most sought after personal fitness trainers in the USA. With over ten years of experience in Total Body Transformation, his unique holistic approach to fitness incorporates gender specific exercise, diet and eastern philosophy to achieve superior results.

Eric Fleishman began his career in New York City in 1991 working as a personal trainer and becoming certified in both ACE and TSI. He began to develop custom workout regimens designed to address the unique needs of both men and women, efforts that would eventually become his trademark Sleeping Giant and Sleeping Beauty programs, respectively. During this time he also pinpointed the science of physical change through three major components: diet, exercise, and sleep.

Eric the Trainer Wearing His Police Dominator Watch
Eric the Trainer Wearing His Police Dominator Watch


In 1996, Eric The Trainer moved to Los Angeles with one goal in mind, to seek out and learn from the greatest bodybuilders of all time. He started out by locating former “Vince’s Gym” trainers who had helped Arnold Schwarzenegger shape his legendary physique. He then continued his studying with the likes of Nick Kane, Frank Zane, “Mr. Olympia,” and Don Howorth, the “Duke of Delts,” whose massive shoulders helped him win the Mr. America title in 1967. Eric’s drive to be the best personal trainer on the planet became legendary and demand for his exclusive training techniques began to skyrocket.

Now, some 20 years later, his methods have been utilized by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, both on and off camera. Eric Fleishman’s client list includes some of the most well known celebrity names in film, television and music. They often come to him seeking his transformational techniques to ready them for new character roles, tours and, of course, the “Red Carpet.” He has been an instrumental part of some of the highest profile weight loss stories of the past decade including; The Fat Man Walking, Ethan Suplee and Kirstie Alley.

In addition to his celebrity clientele. Eric is also extremely involved in “community training,” supporting multiple programs and foundations such as the LAPD, CHP, SWAT and the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Academy. He is also the founder of the ETT Festival of Strength, an annual event held at Venice Beach to promote healthy living.

On top of his training, Eric Fleishman also has a successful fitness consulting business and is a regular contributor to, as well as many fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and Inside Kung Fu.

Police Dominator PL-12899XSB-02
Police Dominator PL-12899XSB-02
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Always wanting to look his best Eric appreciates great products to accessorize with. A big fan of “statement” watches, Eric The Trainer’s favorite timepiece is the massive Police Dominator with dual time zones in all black. Eric on his Police Dominator, “There’s only one timepiece that’s big enough and stylish enough to embody my style — Police!”

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