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Roamer Watches

Roamer WatchesFor more than 120 years, Roamer Watches has crafted elegant timepieces that raise the bar for distinctiveness and aesthetics — and more recently, functionality.

Roamer’s longevity in the watch business is a testament to the timeless beauty and master craftsmanship that have long been an integral part of its Swiss watchmaking history.

History of Roamer Watches

Fritz Meyer Founded Roamer WatchesFritz Meyer (1859-1926) founded Roamer Watches in 1888 in Solothurn, Switzerland and at first, it produced cylinder watch escapements, devices that drive the timekeeping element of watches and clocks and produce the ticking sound.

Meyer’s company assembled its first watches in 1904 and a year later he took on a partner, talented watchmaker Johann Studeli, naming their company Meyer and Studeli. As their reputation for producing fine timepieces grew, their popularity increased and by 1923, Meyer and Studeli production was up to one million units.

Meyer and Studeli’s finest watches, with a jeweled lever escapement, were sold under the Roamer brand, and cylinder and pin-lever watches carried the Medana and Meda brand names.

Roamer Watch Factory 50 Years AgoThe company began producing dials in 1932, and in 1945 they opened an office in New York City.

In 1952, Meyer and Studeli changed its name to Roamer Watch Co, SA, and a year later Roamer’s popularity soared with the production of an Anfibio watertight watchcase. Roamer’s first quartz timepiece was introduced in 1972.

Roamer Compétence MST WatchRoamer Compétence MST Watch

For the 2004 Basil Fair, Roamer literally opened their vaults and reached back into the archives of their rich Swiss heritage to produce the limited edition Compétence MST. The Compétence MST watch combined a classic Meyer and Studeli vintage movement with nostalgic styling. It represented a major shift in watchmaking for Roamer as they once again produced mechanical timepieces. (

While many watch manufacturers make limited edition claims for their watch production, the limited production run of Compétence MST watches is a documented historical fact.

The watches were made possible by a discovery deep in the Roamer archives. It was there that the company discovered a cache of unused samples of hand-wound movements manufactured in the 1950s. This heretofore hidden supply of 19-jewel movements can only be used in the limited edition Compétence MST watch series because the original technical drawings and tools no longer exist.

ROAMER Announces TrekkMaster Expedition Timepiece at Baselworld  2011TrekkMaster Expedition Timepieces Spend Quality Time Outdoors

Roamer introduced four new impressive watch lines at Baselworld 2011, and one of the collections, the TrekkMaster Expedition series, represented an entirely new direction for the 123 year-old watch company.

TrekkMaster timepieces forge a new frontier, allowing the wearer to spend quality time outdoors and truly to know and be able to measure one’s immediate surroundings.

TrekkMaster 6-Function Watch for Mastering Your Surroundings

The Roamer TrekkMaster Expedition Watch is not only an exquisite timepiece, it also has everything one would need to master his or her surroundings, including an altimeter, digital compass, barometer, thermometer, chronograph, three time functions and an alarm. TrekkMaster’s altimeter saves altitude profiles up to 5.6 miles and the barometer and thermometer put weather forecasting right at one’s fingertips.

No matter where an adventure takes them, TrekkMaster wearers will always be able to find their way back home by following the ingenious compass that’s part of this multi-function explorer watch. When the compass function is needed, the seconds and hours hands slide over one another to point towards true North.

Buy Roamer WatchesEven when the adventure is over for the day, the TrekkMaster Collection functions just as elegantly indoors. It sports one analogue and two digital displays, ideal for travelers who need to know the local time as well as the time back home. The three time displays are very legible, making it easy to tell the time in the most extreme weather conditions.

Roamer 770990 40 05 07 Trekk Master Expedition Timepiece

Above all, the TrekkMaster is built in the Roamer tradition of fine Swiss watchmaking, promising accuracy, reliability, and true Swiss competence.

Roamer Mercury WatchRoamer Mercury Collection
Classic Embodiment of Elegance and Style

The other three watch collections introduced at Baselworld, Mercury, Saturn and Pure, hearken back to the heritage of Roamer’s beginnings. It’s no wonder watch enthusiasts hailed the collections as instant classics.

The Roamer Mercury Collection is the classic embodiment of elegance and style with a white guilloché engraved face and rhombus-shaped hands. The Roman numerals that grace the hours are interwoven with filigree Arabic numerals marking the minutes.

This master timepiece is at once, elegant yet functional, with its easy to decipher numbers and numerals and weekday and date function. The balanced and harmonious face is covered by an anti-reflective sapphire glass that hides its intricate Swiss automatic movement.

Roamer Saturn WatchRoamer Saturn Collection
Retro Never Looked So Stylish

The retro design of the Roamer Saturn Collection, with dauphine hands, white structured face and large hour indexes, brings back the 50s with style and confidence. A solid 22 mm wide strap complements the retro movements on this handsome watch. The indexes are dominant on the face with Roman numerals at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions.

A non-reflective sapphire glass protects the stainless steel case with a day and date display at 3 o’clock. The intricate and precise movement of this Swiss automatic watch is visible through a viewing window on the floor of the case.

The Saturn Collection combines classic technology and retro design in one harmonious timepiece.

Roamer Pure WatchRoamer Pure Collection
Understated Sophistication

In every sophisticated crowd, there’s one lady who gets noticed even though she doesn’t say a word. That’s the kind of understated elegance that makes the Roamer Pure watch a work of art, a masterpiece.

The Roamer Pure Collection is beautiful, yet breathtakingly simple, with a white ceramic bezel instead of the traditional metal one, a mother-of-pearl inset on the face and a white rubber strap. The ribbed surface of the watchstrap quietly draws attention to its beautiful face. The 41 mm stainless steel or rose gold case both contrast the ceramic bezel and complement it.

The Roamer Pure watch is a beautiful, elegant timepiece that is sophisticated yet sporty, a watch for all occasions. It is the kind of watch that will quietly get noticed whenever and wherever it is worn.

New Roamer Collections Bridging Past and Future

Buy Roamer WatchesThe extraordinary design that was a hallmark of Roamer’s past have been given new life and new meaning in the Roamer collections. From Saturn’s retro look to the Mercury’s elegance and style — from Pure’s understated sophistication to Trekkmaster’s mastery of quality time outdoors — the Roamer collections carry Roamer’s reputation for craftsmanship proudly into the future.

All of the watches in the new Roamer Collections have the potential to be instant classics and a standout in any crowd.

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