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Morellato WatchesGiulio MorellatoWhen Giulio Morellato opened a watch store with his brother in 1930, shortly after World War I, he probably never dreamed that his small business would grow to become one of Europe’s leading producers of timepieces, jewelry and luxury goods.

The Morellato family’s dedication to quality and beauty has resulted in a line of fine timepieces that have the emotional appeal that the best of Italy is always able to evoke. After Giulio Morellato made his company a world leader in the production of quality watch straps, the Morellato Corporation began to license other popular European watch brands like Philip Watch and Sector, as well as develop a unique style of their own with their core Morellato brand.

Buy Morellato WatchesMorellato’s signature Colours Collection is bringing Giulio Morellato’s unique heritage of Italian design to a whole new generation of fashion forward watch enthusiasts. These casual, high performance timepieces combine colorful high tech resins with stainless steel and anti-allergic silicone straps to create a playfully modern motif, built around a precision Miyota 2035 quartz movement. The youthful, modern styles found in the Colours Collection are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors that transform the traditional wristwatch into a compelling fashion statement.

Morellato Colours SID006 Morellato Colours SID016 Morellato Colours SID015
Morellato Colours SID006 Morellato Colours SID016 Morellato Colours SID015
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Complementing the popular Colours line are the Morellato Heritage, Portofino, Fashion, Classy, and Master Collections. Each of these beautiful collections has been created to appeal to a different audience, giving watch aficionados literally hundreds of fine timepieces to choose from.

Morellato Master Morellato Heritage Morellato Portofino
Morellato Master S0E006 Morellato Heritage SQG007 Morellato Portofino SHT015
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Morellato is already a popular and well-respected brand over 40 countries around the world. Now, with a spectacular new flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, the Morellato name will soon be familiar to Americans as well. If you would like to experience how Morellato has reinterpreted luxury to make it a very personal form of self-expression, contact an authorized Morellato dealer today. There is a Morellato timepiece waiting for you.

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