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How One Man’s Dream Became a Worldwide Favorite

Hanowa WatchesWhen Hans Noll arrived in Biel, Switzerland in 1961 to become sales manager for one of Switzerland’s many watch manufacturers, he already had aspirations to have a watch company of his own. Three years later, Hans and his wife Elisabeth followed their dreams and became watchmakers. Since the Noll’s didn’t have sufficient capital in 1963 to buy an established brand, they started their own company instead. Using their imagination, the couple named the company Hanowa, using the first two letters each of Han’s first name, last name and the word “watch.”

After only a few years, Hans was living his dream, producing high quality watches under his own name. Hanowa quickly developed a reputation for fantasy watches. These novelty, ring, pendant and clip watches were initially quite popular in the European market. The Noll’s were aware the market was changing however and began converting their production over to sports watches.

By the early 1990’s, the precision and skill that went into the production of this new line of sports, performance and lifestyle watches began to be noticed and the Swiss Military brand was born. Soon after, a sister brand, Swiss Eagle, was launched to offer their target audience specialized, much more exclusive versions of their popular sports watch collections.

One of the reasons the Hanowa Company has stayed successful is that they are very aware of emerging trends and have been able to quickly evolve, introducing new timepieces that meet changing tastes. It has not gone unnoticed that fashion watches are becoming very popular again. In response to these changing trends, Hanowa is introducing a whole new line of exciting fashion watches to appeal to both men and women.

Classic styles like the new Hanowa men’s Ascot and Timeless models have an elegance and grace that is appropriate for your dressiest occasion. Women’s models like the Kaledoscope, Diamond Lady, Rockstar and Timeless are ready for the red carpet. These ladies models feature sparkling stone bezels and magnificent real Mother-of-pearl dials. Like all Hanowa timepieces, these new fashion watches feature scratch resistant sapphire crystals, durable stainless steel cases and precision Swiss made movements.

If you’re a person who appreciates genuine Swiss quality, but doesn’t appreciate inflated prices, you’ll love what Hanowa has to offer. To acquire one of these quality timepieces for yourself, contact an authorized Hanowa dealer today.

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