Celebration Time for Giants Fans

New York Giants Victory ParadeToday was the Giants Victory Parade and Rally, where hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated New York’s Superbowl victory! As we said in our blog post yesterday featuring legendary Giants player Michael Strahan, we at Gevril Group in New York have been Giants fans for years.

We’re not fair-weather Giants fans who only root for the team when they’re winning. It’s very easy to cheer for a winner when they get a parade and keys to the city, but real fans are there good times and bad, year in and year out, showing their support and admiration for the team.

Being long-time fans, of course we have some great Giants memories in our photo album! Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment. We remember having a blast when former Giant quarterback Jesse Palmer — you may also recognize him as “The Bachelor” from that show’s fifth season — joined us, along with company President Samuel Friedmann, for a special Gevril Group event in New York celebrating the Avenue of the Americas watch collection.

Take a peek at our photo album, and you’ll see Jesse wearing this watch with style!

Gevril’s Sam Friedmann with Jesse Palmer Jesse Sporting a Gevril Avenue of Americas Watch
Jesse Palmer With Sam Friedmann title=
Jesse Palmer Wearing Gevril Avenue of Americas Serenade Watch
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