POLICE Most Arresting Exhibit at Baselworld

POLICE WatchesStanding Up and Standing Out

POLICE is not about being demure. It’s about standing up and standing out for all the right reasons. POLICE stood up, stood out and grabbed the attention of the young and cool at Baselworld 2011, stopping them right in their tracks. The lavish and ostentatious POLICE watches, jewelry and accessories exhibit at Baselworld was absolutely striking and completely arresting.

Click on any of the eight images to view or download the high resolution version of that image.

POLICE Most Arresting Exhibit at Baselworld   POLICE Lavish and Ostentatious Exhibit at Baselworld

Striking POLICE Exhibit at Baselworld   Taking POLICE Watch, Jewelry and Accessory Exhibit at Baselworld

Taking POLICE on the Road   Display inside the POLICE Booth at Baselworld

Policalicious at Baselworld   POLICE Girls in the Garage at Baselworld

All images of the Baselworld 2011 exhibit courtesy of POLICE.

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