POLICE Watches Make “Arresting” ShopHQ TV Debut December 1

by Bill Shuster  

POLICE WatchesPOLICE watches, the internationally-known, masculine fashion timepieces, make their U.S. TV debut December 1 on ShopHQ, a leading shop-at-home TV channel. The stylishly-unique brand, designed for those secure in their individuality, stars in a one-hour special at 11pm EST (10pm CST), hosted by ShopHQ personality and long-time watch aficionado Daniel James Green. Joining Daniel will be Ralph Kutting, Creative Director at POLICE, who is flying in from Switzerland specifically for this TV and online streaming video event.

POLICE Watches Fall-Winter 2011-2012

The show debuts cool new Fall-Winter 2011-2012 collections, affordably priced from $135 to $450. Among those spotlighted will be collections with gritty, urban sophistication, as well as the Dominator, a bold dual-time watch with large side-by-side dials, one of the most popular POLICE timepieces.

Although well-known in Europe — and a favorite with sports and film celebrities like David Beckham, Antonio Banderas, and George Clooney — the fashion-forward POLICE brand is still somewhat less known in America. The ShopHQ event is part of a major effort by Gevril Group to raise POLICE’s profile in the U.S. market and acquaint consumers with its quality and unique, rugged sophistication.

Be You. Be Younique!

Gevril Group US Agent for POLICE Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US agent for POLICE Watches. Contact Ruth Dombroff, POLICE Brand Manager, by email or at 845-425-9882.

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Fashion Forward Haurex Watches Showcased on ShopHQ

by Adrian Herscovici  

Haurex Watches marries Italian design elements with the latest fashion trends to create some of the hottest timepieces for men and women.

Haurex WatchesHaurex Sales Manager Massimo Minardi recently visited with ShopHQ host Tim Temple to expose the ShopHQ television audience to the Haurex brand’s latest styles and models.

Join Massimo Minardi and Tim Temple as they explore the latest in fashion watches from Haurex.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday casual watch or to add some flash and color to a night on the town, look no further than Haurex. Sporty, colorful and durable, Haurex watches are fashion-forward and made from a variety of modern materials like aluminum and rubber. Choose from simple time-and-date-only timepieces or if you prefer, from more intricate watches like chronographs or watches with GMT and dual time zone.

Gevril Group US Agent for Haurex Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US agent for Haurex Watches. Contact us by email or call 845-425-9882.

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