Gevril Group Astounded Retailers With a Fantastic Array of Watch Brands at Couture 2013 Las Vegas

by John Sealander  

With many exciting brands in one location, Couture’s Chambertin 2 Ballroom was the place to learn about emerging watch trends.

The annual Couture Show at the luxurious Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas is the most important event of the year for jewelers and luxury goods retailers. It is here that American luxury retailers discover the new and trend-setting items that their customers will be demanding in the year ahead.

At this year’s show, buyers got a chance to get to know some fantastic brands that may be new to North American customers, but are already popular in Europe. Gio Monaco, Jowissa, Viceroy, Gattinoni, and Catorex watches got a lot of attention at Couture 2013, and with the positive buzz they received, these European favorites are destined to become equally popular with fashion-forward American customers.

Giuseppe and Michele Ascione’s Italian flair made a big impression on Couture visitors. Their Gio Monaco brand combines Michele’s engineering expertise with his late brother’s artistic flair to produce some of the most stylistically original watches in recent history. The popular Gio Monaco Hypnos and 101 Collections both received rave reviews from the Couture crowds.

Everyone seemed to love Viceroy’s vibrant Spanish inspired styling. A wide range of celebrities, including Antonio Banderas and Shakira, already wear these popular, sporty watches. After the reception this Spanish brand received from buyers at Couture 2013, it’s a safe bet that they’re going to be appearing on a lot more fashionable wrists in the year ahead.

The ethereal beauty of famed Italian designer Fernanda Gattinoni’s timepieces definitely created a lot of buzz at Couture 2013. There is simply nothing comparable to Gattinoni’s spectacular Planetarium Collection. Each of these beautiful watches was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and use stylized images of stars, galaxies, planets and asteroids as metaphors for time. Many industry experts consider Gattinoni’s unique mixture of femininity and androgyny to be the hallmark of today’s “new luxury.”

Jowissa was another popular discovery at the Couture show. Although this company, based in Bettlach, Switzerland, has been making fabulously fashionable timepieces since 1951, it has only recently been discovered by American watch aficionados. European fashionistas describe Jowissa watches as fine jewelry you can wear on your wrist and it’s easy to see why. Many designs feature multi-faceted pyramid cut, tempered mineral glass crystals that glitter like diamonds from every angle. These wrist-worn jewels are the perfect accessories for both dressy and casual situations.

Swiss watchmaker Catorex has been widely recognized for bringing back the pocket watch, with a variety of innovative new designs that have been adapted for the modern world. Pocket watches have been a specialty of the family owned company since its foundation in 1858, and Couture 2013 provided buyers with a great opportunity to re-discover the pocket watch themselves with a variety of great collections on display from the traditional to the Avant-garde.

Gevril Group currently represents all of these popular European brands, and Gevril Group founder Samuel Friedmann was very pleased at the reception they received at Couture 2013. “There is just no substitute for seeing, touching, and admiring a fine timepiece in person,” says Friedmann. “People were amazed at how many fine brands we offer, and a lot of these brands are going to be appearing on people’s wrists in the year ahead.”

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sports timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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Couture 2013 Las Vegas Huge Success for Gevril Group

Gevril Group Couture Show 2013 Banners

by John Sealander  

If you attended the Couture Show this year, it didn’t take long to discover that everything you needed to know about fine timepieces was located in the Chambertin 2 Ballroom.

Couture 2013 is over, but the glitter and shine from this spectacular jewelry and watch show will linger throughout the year. For many attendees, the Couture Show, held every year at the luxurious Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, has become the most important event on their calendar.

For Gevril Group, the Couture Show has become just as essential as the more established Baselworld show in Switzerland. According to Gevril President Samuel Friedmann, Couture is more effective at meeting the needs of North American jewelers and retailers. “This show is mandatory for American luxury retailers,” says Friedmann. These retailers certainly got a treat when they visited The Chambertin 2 Ballroom, home to Gevril Group during the five-day show.

Showcasing some of the industry’s most popular watch brands, Gevril Group’s convenient location, just a few feet away from the Couture registration desk, provided attendees with an unprecedented opportunity to discover emerging trends and hot new fashion ideas. “This was our most successful show ever,” said Gevril Executive Vice President David Yurowitz. “Customers are taking a new look at our company and are very eager to participate in all the projects and brands we have rolled out. The success of Couture 2013 was a record-breaking achievement for Gevril and we see this as a stepping stone for the future of our company.”

Paul Ziff, president of Ferragamo Timepieces in the United States, concurs. “There was a definite buzz in the Chambertin 2 Ballroom as customers and prospects gathered to view our Gevril collection of brands,” says Ziff. “The new Ferragamo Lungarno automatics and the fashion-forward Minuetto line were particularly well received by the press and retailers. Bloomingdales buyers even made a point during their appointment to say that they are very proud and excited to have just launched the Ferragamo timepiece line in eight Bloomingdales locations with more to follow.”

The Versace and Versus displays were both popular destinations for jewelers and retailers. Kari Allen, President of Versace Timepieces for the USA and Caribbean, had her best year ever at Couture. She attributes her success to the great teamwork exhibited by the Gevril staff. “It takes a lot of effort throughout our organization to achieve our goals and I very much appreciate all the support,” says Allen.

Miriam Tress, representing Gevril’s popular Fortis brand, says Gevril Group had lots to be proud of during Couture 2013. “The Chambertin 2 ballroom was exquisite and served as an impressive showcase for a wider variety of watch brands than any other exhibitor, says Miriam. “I observed a constant excitement and buzz in the air from our many current and new customers. You could see respect and admiration for Gevril Group and the values they stand for.”

From the opening night concert by popular rockers Neon Trees, to the highly anticipated Couture Design Awards, Couture 2013 was an event to savor and remember. Once again, Couture was joined by the prestigious Watch Journal to present Couture Time, a carefully curated collection of the world’s finest timepieces.

“There is no substitute for seeing, touching, and admiring one of the most diverse collections of fine timepieces available today,” says Samuel Friedmann. “People are amazed at how many fine brands we offer, and Couture gives us the opportunity to show these customers how we can help build their business, both before and after the sale.”

Las Vegas has always been known for putting on a good show, and Couture 2013 was no exception. This prestigious event has become an essential destination for anyone serious about selling luxury goods. That’s a big reason why Gevril Group plans to be back again next year.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sports timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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Gio Monaco Creative Visionary Dr. Giuseppe “Nuccio” Ascione Passes Away

by John Sealander  

Watch Industry Pays Tribute to a Talented
Designer’s Lifelong Search For Beauty

Gio Monaco WatchesDr. Giuseppe AscioneDr. Giuseppe Ascione was well on his way to a career as a lawyer when his passion for music, the arts, and fine timepieces led him in a different direction. Already successful, Giuseppe left the law and joined his older brother Michele’s jewelry company as a designer. In the late 1990’s, the two brothers decided to turn their passion for fine timepieces into a new company named after the inventor of musical notes and patron saint of their hometown of Arezzo, Italy, Guido Monaco.

Il Dott. Giuseppe Ascione era un promettente avvocato quando la sua passione per la musica, l’arte e l’orologeria l’ha condotto in una direzione completamente diversa. Già avvocato di successo, Giuseppe lasció la sua professione per unirsi all’attività del fratello Michele come designer nel campo della gioielleria. Verso la fine degli anni 90’, i due fratelli decisero di trasformare la loro passione per l’orologeria in una nuova società che prende il nome da Guido Monaco, inventore delle note musicali e santo patrono della loro città natale, Arezzo.

The company was called Gio Monaco and its international success can largely be attributed to Dr. Giuseppe Ascione and his unique creative vision. When Giuseppe passed away in November, the watch industry lost one of its shining lights.

La società fu chiamata Gio Monaco, il cui successo internazionale puó essere largamente attribuito al Dott. Giuseppe Ascione e alla sua creatività. La dipartita di Giuseppe nel Novembre 2012 segna una grossa perdita per il mondo dell’orologeria.

Giuseppe’s insight and good taste were the inspiration for some of the industry’s most innovative timepiece designs. In less than ten years, the Ascione brothers introduced over 30 collections that showcased the special marriage of Giuseppe’s design skills and his brother’s technical expertise. Each collection was unique, but all bore the stamp of the Ascione brothers and their patron saint, the inventor of the musical note.

L’introspezione e il buon gusto di Giuseppe furono ispirazione per alcuni dei design più innovativi dell’industria orologiera. In meno di dieci anni, i fratelli Ascione introdussero oltre trenta collezioni che fanno mostra del matrimonio tra l’abilita’ di designer di Giuseppe e la conoscenza tecnica del fratello Michele. Ogni collezione é unica, ma sempre caratterizzata dal marchio dei fratelli Ascione e del patrono Guido Monaco.

Giuseppe’s Beautiful Designs

With their beautiful stylized roman numerals and spectacular 3-D patterned dials, Gio Monaco creations like the Hypnos and Geopolis Collections became instant hits at Switzerland’s prestigious Baselworld Fair.

Le creazioni Gio Monaco come Hypnos e Geopolis, dai bei quadranti con numeri romani stilizzati e spettacolari motivi tridimensionali, hanno subito acquisito rilievo alla prestigiosa fiera dell’orologeria Baselworld.

Gio Monaco Geopolis Gio Monaco Hypnos
Gio Monaco Geopolis 379-A Gio Monaco Hypnos 676-A
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

The world will miss Giuseppe and his optimistic approach to life. Throughout his life, Giuseppe shared a passion for music and everything that was beautiful. Although Dr. Ascione is no longer with us, his legacy remains in the wonderful timepieces he created for Gio Monaco. Giuseppe once said, “Where time is, there is thought.” We’re certain that watch aficionados around the world will be thinking of him, whenever they look at one of his beautiful creations.

Il mondo dell’orologeria sentirà la mancanza di Giuseppe e del suo ottimistico approccio alla vita. Per tutta la sua vita Giuseppe fu amante della musica e dell’arte in generale. Anche se il Dott. Ascione non é più tra noi, ci lascia la sua eredità negli orologi disegnati per Gio Monaco. Una volta disse: “Dove c’é il tempo c’é il pensiero”. Siamo certi che gli appassionati di orologi di tutto il mondo penseranno a lui ogni volta che ammireranno una delle sue creazioni.

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Gevril GroupWatchmaker and wholesale watch distributor Gevril Group is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury, Swiss and fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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