The Other Side of Sopranos Star Federico Castelluccio

Federico Castelluccio and James Gandolfini in The Sopranos

by Erica Love  

Artist and actor Federico Castelluccio is a highly accomplished celebrity whose achievements in both theater and fine arts make him a creative force to be reckoned with. Castelluccio translates his aesthetic into varying mediums and applications, thereby showcasing his talent and style in Hollywood and beyond.

Castelluccio: The Actor

Federico Castelluccio is best known for his role as the Neapolitan Enforcer, Furio Giunta, on the HBO TV series, The Sopranos. The iconic and acclaimed series starred the late James Gandolfini, whom Castelluccio called “one of the greatest actors of our time” during an appearance on the Today Show with Matt Lauer.

Castelluccio was also featured in Made alongside Jon Favreau, NYPD Blue, and Diary of a Hitman with Danny Aiello. Castelluccio developed his acting talents in summer stock, off-off-Broadway, and various Shakespeare festivals during the mid-’80s, eventually signing on with the Flock and Eclectic theater companies.

Castelluccio: The Artist

Perhaps less known, yet no less impressive, Castelluccio is also an internationally renowned visual artist, and received a full presidential scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Before becoming an actor, Federico Castelluccio first rose to fame as an award-winning illustrator when actor George Burns personally commissioned him to paint his portrait. Burns was so impressed with Castelluccio that he recommended him to executives at PBS and ABC. His paintings have been praised for their exceptional quality and demonstration of high-level technical ability.

Federico Castelluccio’s works are held in public collections across the globe, including Palazzo Chigi, Yale University Art Gallery, Tisch Fine Art Collection, Gillette Corporation, Schering-Plough Corporation and Sotheby’s in Manhattan.

Hollywood Influence

Many well known celebrities also own Federico’s original work, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Caroline Rhea, Joe Pantoliano, Geoffrey Holder, Donald Trump, Paul Hogan, and the great blues legend, Buddy Guy.

During the fourth season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump asked Castelluccio to judge a celebrity hat design competition. He chose La Toya Jackson, who won $25,000 for her charity, the AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Federico Castelluccio Wearing an 18K Rose Gold
Gevril 5120 Avenue of Americas GMT Power Reserve Watch
Federico Castelluccio Wearing an 18K Rose Gold Gevril 5120 Avenue of Americas GMT Power Reserve Watch
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Oprah Loves Hush Puppies

by John Sealander  

With Her Favorite Hush Puppies Ceil Loafers on Her Feet
All Oprah Needs Now is a Hush Puppies Watch on Her Wrist

Oprah WinfreyHush Puppies Watches“I love a Hush Puppy,” says mega media star Oprah Winfrey. We all know what a recommendation from Oprah Winfrey can mean. When Oprah mentioned in The Oprah Magazine recently that her new “go to” shoes were Hush Puppies ‘Ceil’ Loafers for Women, it spoke volumes about the brand’s legendary quality and classic style.

Although the Hush Puppies brand has been a household name for decades, the classically designed moccasin-style Ceil loafers are relatively new. This soft, comfortable shoe is available in a rainbow of this season’s most popular colors, including raspberry, aqua, yellow gold, taupe, silver snake, and many more.

Hush Puppies in Oprah Magazine
Hush Puppies Ceil Loafers Featured in Oprah Magazine
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Hush Puppy’s popular, fashion forward Ceil loafers are just one of the ways that this historic brand is keeping up with the times. The brand is now bringing the relaxed appeal of their famous footwear to a wide variety of other apparel and accessories. One of their most popular brand extensions has been a collection of casual timepieces.

Just like the famous footwear that inspired them, Hush Puppies Watches never go out of style. A Hush Puppies watch provides fashion forward customers like Oprah Winfrey with a huge selection of classical styles for both men and women, including the iconic 1958 Collection, named after the date the famous footwear brand was launched.

All of these stylish watches feature precision quartz movements, durable stainless steel cases, and scratch resistant mineral glass crystals. Since Oprah likes the good looks and quality construction of her Ceil loafers, she’d probably love a Hush Puppies watch. Each watch in the brand’s distinctive 1958 Collection combines a vintage vibe with a reliable, modern quartz movement for the ultimate in wearable, casual style.

Will we see a Hush Puppies watch on Oprah’s wrist soon? You never know. Since Hush Puppies Watches feature the same fashion forward styling and exceptional value found in her favorite shoe, it’s definitely a possibility.

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Harrison Ford Chooses the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Watch for Ender’s Game

Harrison Ford Wearing His Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph in Ender's Game
Photo Credit: Screen Rant

by John Sealander  

When Harrison Ford needed a space proven timepiece for his role as Colonel Gaff in the science fiction thriller Ender’s Game, he picked a watch that has actually been there.

Fortis WatchesEnder’s Game, scheduled to be released in theaters throughout the United States on November 1, is the story of a young boy who has the future of the entire human race on his shoulders. When Earth is invaded by a race of aliens called the Formics, it is decided that the best hope for survival lies with child prodigies like Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who have been trained from an early age in an elite battle school orbiting the earth to command the earth’s international fleet in a desperate battle for survival.

It’s Harrison Ford’s job, in his role as Colonel Gaff, to train the young Andrew Wiggen to master a series of increasingly difficult war games and fulfill his destiny as a military leader who will be the supreme commander in a war that will determine the future of Earth and the human race.

Since much of the action in this exciting thriller takes place in a space station orbiting high above the earth, it was no surprise that Harrison Ford chose to wear a genuine space proven timepiece for his role as the tough, self-reliant teacher who trains the young Ender in the art of war. The watch you see on Ford’s wrist is the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Watch.

Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Watch
Fortis Mens 630.10.11 M Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Automatic
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This legendary Fortis watch has been subjected to some of the most rigorous endurance tests ever conducted and has been officially certified by Fortis for manned space flight. Dr. Ulf Merbold, a German physicist and astronaut, first wore the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph in deep space during the joint German/Russian Euromir space mission, and the watch continues to be a familiar sight on the ISS space station today.

Fortis space-proven timepieces have already made over 98,000 orbits of the earth, and are well on their way to 100,000 orbits with Fortis watches on the wrists of the current International Space Station crew. In a future world where people like Colonel Gaff are orbiting the earth in a sophisticated battle station designed to train young warriors like Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, it is likely that these space travelers will be wearing Fortis watches as well.

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Miss Germany Wears Haemmer Watches

Miss Germany, Caroline Noeding, Sporting a Haemmer Watch

by John Sealander  

Most People Notice the Crown on Caroline Noeding’s Head
But we Were More Interested in What’s on her Wrist

Haemmer WatchesOn February 23, 2013, 21-year-old Caroline Noeding beat 5,000 other women in 115 preliminary pageants to be crowned Miss Germany for 2013 in the country’s oldest and most important beauty contest. The vivacious blonde mathematics and Spanish major will take a year off from her studies to wear the crown during her tenure as Germany’s reigning beauty. A tiara isn’t Caroline’s only fashion statement however. She’s also been seen wearing a hip and fashionable Haemmer watch on her wrist.

It’s no surprise that a beauty like Caroline fancies today’s big and bold Haemmer watches. Haemmer watches have quickly become status symbols wherever they are available. With their distinctive size and convenient left-sided screw down crown, a Haemmer timepiece is hard to ignore.

Caroline Noeding With Haemmer CEO, Holger Bohne
Miss Germany, Caroline Noeding, With Haemmer CEO, Holger Bohne
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A Haemmer wristwatch will be a perfect companion to the new sports car, jewelry, and clothing Caroline was awarded when she became queen. When she takes the luxurious trip to Cyprus that came with her title, her Haemmer watch will keep her in style and on schedule.

According to Haemmer founder Holger Bohne, Haemmer and Caroline Noeding are made for each other. There is an authenticity about the brand’s big, bold style and high quality construction that appeals to today’s younger generation. Haemmer styles are fresh and real, just like Caroline Noeding. The young beauty queen has been seen wearing Haemmer’ popular Mechanicha and Ladies Giant models, and like all Haemmer watches, these beauties aren’t just fashion statements. Every watch that Haemmer makes features a screw down crown and caseback, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to 200 meters.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll become a beauty queen with a Haemmer watch on your wrist, but you will get noticed. If you’d like to see what one of these beauties looks like on your own wrist, start thinking big and contact an authorized Haemmer dealer today.

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