I Was Converted to a Watch Collector by Tim Temple and ShopHQ

by Michael Seitz

Tim TempleLate one night about ten years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a fascinating television program about watches, hosted by Tim Temple on ShopHQ. This shopping program was different from all I had ever before watched on other shopping channels. In particular, this program not only carried out its mission of selling watches to the consumer, it also inculcated viewers with a basic knowledge of horology.

I found myself taking off the watch I was wearing and looking to see if it was constructed out of surgical grade stainless steel, if it had a screw down caseback, or if it was a pop off… And were the markers on the dial hand-applied and raised or simply decals? I purchased two new timepieces for myself and one for my wife, that very night. That ShopHQ show was the first of many Tim Temple shows I came to watch.

Since 1994, Tim has had what he refers to as “several tours of duty” at ShopHQ. Tim enjoys presenting watches, in particular those for which he has a genuine passion. As ShopHQ resident watch expert, he has been instrumental in introducing quite a few of the over 70 watch brands that the shopping channel carries.

While at another network, Tim Temple and Gevril Group’s Samuel Friedmann introduced first generation Gevril automatic timepieces and GV2 watches to television watching consumers.

Following the successful launch of the Haurex watch brand on ShopHQ in September, Tim lets fellow ShopHQ host Daniel Green take the reins of a another Gevril Group watch brand debut with the highly anticipated premier of the über cool POLICE line this Thursday, December 1, at 11pm EST (10pm CST). I’m all set to purchase the POLICE Raptor for my personal collection during the POLICE watch event.

Police Mens PL.13092JS/04 Raptor Collection Chronograph Watch

For a decade, I have had the tremendous pleasure of being able to converse with Tim Temple and to deepen my understanding for and love of horology. Tim has taught me to admire the beauty of an automatic watch movement and all the labor that goes into in, while still appreciating the accuracy and precision of a fine quartz movement. Thanks to Tim and the rest of the stellar watch team at ShopHQ, I have a fantastic watch collection, a passion for horology and now, a budding career in the watch industry.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group, directed by company founder and long-time creative force in the watch business, Samuel Friedmann, is the exclusive US agent for well over 30 select European watch brands — distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sporty timepieces at a wide range of price points.

Additionally, Gevril Group maintains a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact us by email or at 845-425-9882.

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  1. Jim Pokorny says:

    I appreciate Tim’s passion and knowledge and have learned a great deal about horology by just tuning in. I have always enjoyed timepieces, but thanks to people like Tim who are willing to share their expertise I have been able enjoy my hobby all the more. Nice tribute.

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