Give Dad a Quality Timepiece this Father’s Day 2015

Father's Day 2015

by John Sealander  

Doesn’t Dad deserve some quality time this year?

Dads are special. With all your Dad has done for you, isn’t it time to return the favor on his special day? Dads always appreciate quality time, so why don’t you give him a quality timepiece this Father’s Day. Unlike a belt or a tie, a fine timepiece is something your Dad will treasure for a lifetime.

With so many exciting styles to choose from, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a watch that suits both your Dad’s personality and your own budget. To help get you started, just take a look at the fine timepieces below. One of them is probably perfect for your Dad.

Fortis Tycoon Chronograph

The classic simplicity of the Fortis Tycoon Chronograph will appeal to any traditional Dad. This understated 41 mm gentleman’s chronograph features an elegant silver-opaline dial with three well-placed sub-dials for timing events. With a historically correct domed sapphire crystal and feuille style hands, this technically advanced mechanical chronograph is something your Dad will be proud to wear anywhere.

GV2 Montreux

The amazing GV2 Montreux is perfect for dads who appreciate the latest in technology. This advanced chronograph features a unique multi-function movement that takes timing events to a whole new level. In watch mode, the hands function just like any three-hand timepiece.

In chronograph mode, these same hands transform into hour, minute, and second totalizers, with the big date display providing accurate timings as short as 1/100 of a second. The impressive 44 mm timepiece features a beautiful textured dial with two large date wheels that rotate in opposite directions. Once Dad discovers the accuracy and versatility of this innovative chronograph, he may never go back to a conventional watch again.

Gevril Columbus Circle

If your Dad is an artist at heart, he’ll love the beautiful Gevril Columbus Circle. This stunning 44 mm timepiece features a unique dial that incorporates all seven astrological symbols for the days of the week. This artful, easy-to-read dial provides a unique and fun way to show the time and date at a glance. The back of the watch is equally spectacular, with a commemorative engraving of the famous statue of Christopher Columbus at the center of Columbus Circle, where all official measurements of New York City begin.

Ferragamo F-80

If your Dad lives life in the fast lane, he’s going to want a Salvatore Ferragamo F-80 on his wrist. This sophisticated 44 mm timepiece is the perfect way to communicate your Dad’s good judgment and taste. With an elegant sunray guilloché dial and a top ring secured by six IP gold screws, the sporty F-80 is the ultimate in casual relaxed luxury.

Ferragamo Men’s F-80
Ferragamo Men's F-80
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Versace Dylos Chrono

For thousands of years, the number eight had special significance for scientists, architects and musicians. Now, this superlative 44 mm octagonal chronograph can have the same significance for your Dad. The impressive Dylos Chronograph turns geometry into an art, using the iconic Versace Greek key and Medusa symbols to embellish the unique eight-sided stainless steel case. You won’t need eight reasons to select this stylish watch for Father’s Day. One reason is enough: it’s from the House of Versace.

Rüdiger Stuttgart

If your Dad is a fan of German style and engineering excellence, he’ll love the classic, clean lines of the Rüdiger Stuttgart. Featuring an open-heart design with a view of the precision mechanical movement through two strategically placed portholes in the front of the dial, this technically advanced 40 mm masterpiece delivers authentic German styling at an exceptionally reasonable price.

Calibre Buffalo

If Dad is the type of person who likes to make a big statement, the Calibre Buffalo is definitely the watch for you. This 44 mm big boy, like it’s WWII fighter namesake, is impressive from any angle. The multifunction Buffalo features three well-placed sub-dials that indicate the date, running seconds, and 24-hour time.

The large sweep second hand can be controlled by two stainless steel pushers on either side of the crown for timing events. The crown itself is adorned with the Calibre logo and the stainless steel caseback features a beautiful engraving of a WWII era Navy Buffalo fighter plane.

Haurex Turbina II

Is Dad a trendsetter who likes the latest styles? He’ll love an Haurex Turbina II. This oversize 48 mm monster features a beautiful matt-finished dial with bold Arabic lettering and two well-placed chronograph sub-dials. The small-seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock and 60-minute totalizer at 12 o’clock turn this over-the-top design into a versatile timing tool.

With two well-placed pushers flanking the Turbina’s iconic protected crown, this is a watch that can’t be ignored. The Haurex Turbina II is powered by a precision quartz movement, is water resistant to 330 feet, and has been equipped with a comfortable black silicon strap.

Haurex Turbina II
Haurex Turbina II 6N506UYN
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Johan Eric Randers

Is Dad an architect or a fan of modern design? He’ll love a Johan Eric Randers watch. This elegantly understated timepiece features a unique asymmetrical floating continuous seconds sub-dial located between 8 o’clock and 12 o’clock and a setting crown between 7 and 8 o’clock. The minimal three-hand configuration and unconventional design combine to make this handsome 42 mm timepiece a modern classic.

The Time Is Now

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so the time to select a quality timepiece for Dad is now. It couldn’t be easier to give Dad the watch he deserves. Just find a reputable timepiece dealer near you and show your Dad what quality time is all about on Father’s Day.

For help with your decision or with making your purchase, contact Mimi by email or call her at 845-425-9882.

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Exciting Developments at Iconic Watch Retailer Tourneau

by John Sealander  

Ira Melnitsky and Ferragamo Watches:
Two Luxury Superstars Join the Tourneau Family

Salvatore Ferragamo WatchesWhen luxury retail veteran Ira Melnitsky was recently tapped to become the new CEO of Tourneau, he wasn’t the only familiar name to join the Tourneau family. For the first time, Tourneau will also be carrying a select line of Ferragamo watches.

Ira Melnitsky New CEO of TourneauAlthough these developments are unrelated, both names are a good fit for the luxury watch retailer. Ira Melnitsky, who will join Tourneau on October 16, has over 24 years of experience in luxury retailing. He has been the accessories buyer at Lord & Taylor and most recently served as the president of the home and better handbag divisions of LF USA.

The recent appointment was announced by Tourneau chairman Robert Wexler, who said in a prepared statement that Melnitsky “will do a great job of serving our customers and representing Tourneau’s partner brands.” One of these brands will soon include fashion powerhouse Ferragamo.

The popularity of Ferragamo timepieces has not gone unnoticed at Tourneau. Ferragamo watches are a natural extension of the Ferragamo brand. They have successfully combined the classic styling elegance of Ferragamo’s famous bags and shoes with precision Swiss craftsmanship to create a masterful collection of luxury watches that appeal to both fashionistas and watch aficionados.

Ferragamo Watches AdThe addition of Ferragamo to the Tourneau lineup is a win-win situation for Ira Melnitsky and Tourneau. Ferragamo customers are very loyal to the brand, and Tourneau’s network of 30 watch stores will give them a convenient new venue to look for their favorite fashion accessory.

Savvy Tourneau shoppers will benefit from the new relationship as well. Ferragamo watches are one of a small handful of fashion watches to be taken seriously by watch aficionados. The unwavering attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship of a Ferragamo timepiece continues to set this iconic brand apart from other fashion brands.

You can look for Tourneau to continue its growth under Ira Melnitsky’s leadership. You’ll also be able to look for Ferragamo watches at your favorite Tourneau store.

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Paolo Marai Vertime CEO on Future of Watch Industry

Vertime CEO Paolo Marai with Gevril President Samuel Friedmann and Jon Luigi

by John Sealander  

Few Know More About Watches than Paolo Marai
And Paolo Marai Thinks the Future Looks Bright

It’s hard to find a more knowledgeable representative of the watch industry than Paolo Marai. Paolo is President and CEO of Vertime and is responsible for some of the world’s most recognizable watch brands, including Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Versus.

Mr. Marai is very positive about the future of the watch industry, but he sees a major shift occurring in how timepieces are perceived and used. Interviewed during a visit to the prestigious Couture 2013 Watch and Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, Marai said, “More and more, watches are no longer used for timekeeping functions, they are becoming accessories, which means that the brand and the design are becoming more relevant than what is inside the watch.”

Working closely with top designers like Donatella Versace, Marai is bringing this philosophy to customers; with some of the most innovative, fashion-forward designs the watch industry has ever seen. Mr. Marai says that sometimes it takes up to a year, working with fashion superstars like Donatella, to finalize a new design, but that the wait is worth it. “There is a new generation and a new type of consumer,” says Marai. “I believe the future will be based more on fashion brands, rather than on traditional watch manufacturing.”

To meet the needs of these new fashion-forward customers, Paolo Marai is taking Vertime boldly into the future with a new emphasis on fashion and style. From the edgy youthful spirit of Versus, to the luxurious opulence of Versace, and the refined, subtle elegance of Salvatore Ferragamo, Vertime is meeting the desires of fashionistas and watch aficionados alike with fabulous new timepieces designed for the 21st Century. What will this watchmaking power player do next? You’ll probably see the answer on a fashionable wrist in the very near future.

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Couture 2013 Las Vegas Huge Success for Gevril Group

Gevril Group Couture Show 2013 Banners

by John Sealander  

If you attended the Couture Show this year, it didn’t take long to discover that everything you needed to know about fine timepieces was located in the Chambertin 2 Ballroom.

Couture 2013 is over, but the glitter and shine from this spectacular jewelry and watch show will linger throughout the year. For many attendees, the Couture Show, held every year at the luxurious Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, has become the most important event on their calendar.

For Gevril Group, the Couture Show has become just as essential as the more established Baselworld show in Switzerland. According to Gevril President Samuel Friedmann, Couture is more effective at meeting the needs of North American jewelers and retailers. “This show is mandatory for American luxury retailers,” says Friedmann. These retailers certainly got a treat when they visited The Chambertin 2 Ballroom, home to Gevril Group during the five-day show.

Showcasing some of the industry’s most popular watch brands, Gevril Group’s convenient location, just a few feet away from the Couture registration desk, provided attendees with an unprecedented opportunity to discover emerging trends and hot new fashion ideas. “This was our most successful show ever,” said Gevril Executive Vice President David Yurowitz. “Customers are taking a new look at our company and are very eager to participate in all the projects and brands we have rolled out. The success of Couture 2013 was a record-breaking achievement for Gevril and we see this as a stepping stone for the future of our company.”

Paul Ziff, president of Ferragamo Timepieces in the United States, concurs. “There was a definite buzz in the Chambertin 2 Ballroom as customers and prospects gathered to view our Gevril collection of brands,” says Ziff. “The new Ferragamo Lungarno automatics and the fashion-forward Minuetto line were particularly well received by the press and retailers. Bloomingdales buyers even made a point during their appointment to say that they are very proud and excited to have just launched the Ferragamo timepiece line in eight Bloomingdales locations with more to follow.”

The Versace and Versus displays were both popular destinations for jewelers and retailers. Kari Allen, President of Versace Timepieces for the USA and Caribbean, had her best year ever at Couture. She attributes her success to the great teamwork exhibited by the Gevril staff. “It takes a lot of effort throughout our organization to achieve our goals and I very much appreciate all the support,” says Allen.

Miriam Tress, representing Gevril’s popular Fortis brand, says Gevril Group had lots to be proud of during Couture 2013. “The Chambertin 2 ballroom was exquisite and served as an impressive showcase for a wider variety of watch brands than any other exhibitor, says Miriam. “I observed a constant excitement and buzz in the air from our many current and new customers. You could see respect and admiration for Gevril Group and the values they stand for.”

From the opening night concert by popular rockers Neon Trees, to the highly anticipated Couture Design Awards, Couture 2013 was an event to savor and remember. Once again, Couture was joined by the prestigious Watch Journal to present Couture Time, a carefully curated collection of the world’s finest timepieces.

“There is no substitute for seeing, touching, and admiring one of the most diverse collections of fine timepieces available today,” says Samuel Friedmann. “People are amazed at how many fine brands we offer, and Couture gives us the opportunity to show these customers how we can help build their business, both before and after the sale.”

Las Vegas has always been known for putting on a good show, and Couture 2013 was no exception. This prestigious event has become an essential destination for anyone serious about selling luxury goods. That’s a big reason why Gevril Group plans to be back again next year.

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Gevril GroupGevril Group is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sports timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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