Luxury Swiss Timepieces Since 1758

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Gevril Group treats retailers as true partners, working with them to select a variety of makes and models to fit their customers’ wants and needs. The watches’ price structure offers the retailer generous margins. After all, it’s only when our retailers succeed that we succeed. Unlike most wholesale watch distributors, Gevril Group operates a full-service watch repair shop that’s housed in its 7,000 square foot corporate headquarters northwest of New York City in order to fulfill warranty service and handle any repair from cleaning and regulation to water testing, providing quick turnaround, whether the customer comes through the retailer or contacts us directly. Gevril Group also publishes a blog that’s unprecedented in the industry on which independent watch experts from around the world review the company’s watches. The articles provide consumers with history, education, context and instruction about watches and the business. This expertise adds credibility to the watches thereby helping to drive sales. You can contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.
Gevril GroupGevril Group, conceived in 1990 by Swiss watchmaker Samuel Friedmann, provides retailers with a selection of wholesale watches specially curated to meet the desires of their clientele, while at the same time offering seamless support, service and unique positioning in the marketplace. Mr. Friedmann has been in the watch business since he was a youth in Lugano, Switzerland buying and selling timepieces, so he’s intimately familiar not only with how the business works but also with the quality and function of fine watches. Through a very selective process, Friedmann has carefully assembled a portfolio of watches across a wide range of price points in the luxury and fashion categories. Gevril Group represents numerous watch manufacturers and distributes historical brands, such as Gevril and Fortis, and maison brands, such as Roberto Cavalli byFranck Muller, as well as other brands including GV2, Haurex, Johan Eric and Rüdiger.