The Essence of Style in the Digital Age: The Wristwatch.

by Keverne Denahan

With the proliferation of mobile phones these days, you would think that wearing a timepiece, or wristwatch, would be obsolete.  Everything is digital and people can just look at their phones, but if you notice, there are some that prefer to continue wearing a wristwatch.


There is a certain panache, a “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to true style and genteel living as it relates to wearing a wristwatch.



If one were to truly understand time and all its elements, one would know that the wristwatch is, at its very essence, a symbol of time.  Only the very few have the luxury of having time, which is one reason wearing a wristwatch has endured as an unshakeable status symbol throughout this Digital Age.


Imagine you are at a luxury hotel having an important meeting, but you need to check the time to ensure you talk to your children before their bedtime.  Glancing at your watch, for the rich and famous and the people who can afford to dine out or attend a business meeting, has a certain level of elegance and style.  It’s unobtrusive.  It doesn’t convey that you’re distracted or inattentive.  Pulling out your phone to check the time however, conveys a completely different message.



Style can be deep-rooted or it can be learned.  Watches are a timeless symbol of achieving that level of style.  Whether wearing a timepiece that is modern and innovative or passed down from generation to generation, it’s rooted firmly, internationally, as a status symbol.


Image by Keverne Denahan


When one conjures up images of deep-rooted status symbols, one thinks of classic luxury brands such as Hermes, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Mikimoto.  What would style be without an Hermes scarf, a Burberry raincoat, a Louis Vuitton handbag, strand of Mikimoto pearls, and of course, a timepiece worn boldly on the wrist or clasped casually as a bracelet, dangling just….so.


Image by Keverne Denahan


Consider these rich Heritage Brands that have an everlasting presence on the wrists of the strong and powerful:  Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Gevril, Rolex and TAG Heuer to name of few of the many Luxury Swiss Watch Brands in the world.


Overall, many watch brands have not seen a downturn in sales since the mobile phone because much of their clientele is aware that a wristwatch signifies the essence of style, professionalism, and quite literally, the luxury of time.




Then you have the demographics that have little to no experience with analog.  They are rediscovering books, LP’s, and wristwatches as they seek a more tangible and grounded experience for their lifestyle.  The wristwatch is seen as a fascinating accessory, and trendy in many circles.


There is a time and place to dig your phone out and check the time.  The wristwatch, regardless of brand, make or model, continues to capture the essence of style and remains a status symbol accessory, even during the Digital Age.

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