Versus Watches Stolen at WWD Magic Trade Show Show Las Vegas

by John Sealander  

Thieves Prove that Versus Watches Are The
Hottest Thing at WWD Magic Trade Show 2013

Versus WatchesEverybody knows that Versus watches are one of this season’s hottest fashion accessories, but seven of these fashionable timepieces are now quite literally too hot to handle. The watches were stolen when thieves broken into a locked showcase at the Versus booth during the recently concluded WWD Magic trade show in Las Vegas.

Versus Display Case WWD Magic Trade Show – Before Theft
Versus Display Case WWD Magic - Before Theft
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According to Kari Allen, President of Versace Timepieces USA, the incident happened sometime during the evening of August 20 when an unknown thief stole seven very desirable Versus watches with an undisclosed retail value from a locked display case after the show had officially closed for the day. “We really need to catch the thief,” says Allen, “because we are so careful with our distribution and we don’t want these watches to end up in the wrong hands or stores.”

Versus Display Case WWD Magic - After TheftAllen hopes that police will be able to recover the stolen watches. “There’s certainly no need to swipe these watches,” says Allen. “The fashion world is well aware that the Versus Versace brand is already a steal.”

These trend-setting timepieces are a popular, and very affordable way to experience the unmistakable allure of Versace. The trendy Versus label has come to represent the rock ‘n’ roll soul of Versace and the fashion world loves it.

Versus will be back with more hot new designs at THE WWD Magic Trade Show 2014, but hopefully none of them will be too hot to handle. ”We’re glad people like us,” says Allen, “but we’d prefer that they get their Versus watches from an authorized Versus Versace dealer.”

Gevril Group US and Caribbean Agent for Versus Watches

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Gevril Group Couture Show Dazzles Las Vegas

Gevril Group Parade of Banners at Couture Time 2012

by John Sealander  

From May 31 thru June 4, Gevril Group was the hot ticket in town, with a glittering show at the spectacular Las Vegas Wynn Hotel.

The glamorous Couture Time watch show made an indelible impression this year on America’s leading independent jewelers and watch retailers. At Couture, Gevril Group showcased many brands the company represents in a single spectacular location, the Wynn Hotel Chambertin Ballroom, during the five-day event. Everyone who attended the show had a front row seat to see the incredible selection of fine timepieces that Gevril Group displayed.

According to Samuel Friedmann, Gevril Group President, the show generated more traffic and interest than initially expected. “We had success with every price point,” Friedmann remarked.

“Couture Time was a big success for Versace Timepieces. The new 2012 collections continue the tradition of Swiss Made excellence and innovative Italian design. This Versace combination of fashion and luxury will bring glamour to many consumers this fall who will find the collections available at a retailer near them.

“Moreover, the new launch of Versus by Versace watches at Couture was a hit with a broad range of retailers. The combination of youthful rock and roll energetic chic styles and accessible retails ($150 to $300) make for an exciting addition to the marketplace,” said Kari Allen, President of Versace Timepieces in the US and Caribbean markets.

“I am very pleased with the results we achieved at the Couture show. It proved to be a very effective environment to meet both clients and prospects and provided a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere, which blended nicely with the Ferragamo luxury lifestyle message. It was extremely well organized and a very positive overall experience,“ added Paul Ziff, President of Ferragamo Timepieces in the US and Caribbean markets.

Ruth Dombroff, Gevril Group’s event planner for the show, was impressed with the genuine interest and activity that the company’s brands generated. “Retailers, watch collectors and Couture judges came by during the show to see what all the buzz was about,” said Dombroff.

Herman Sternberg, Gevril Group Regional Manager, succinctly summed up the event when he said, “A picture may be worth a 1000 words but seeing and touching the real thing is worth way more!” Couture 2012 gave top retailers a unique opportunity to see, touch, and admire the most diverse collections of fine timepieces available today.

Those who attended the show were delighted to see that many of the famous fashion brands they loved were available from Gevril Group. Samuel Friedmann said that Couture 2012 gave many retailers a more complete picture of how the company’s packages, brands, and services could help their businesses grow. Retailers were also very impressed that Gevril Group provides its own after sales service for all the brands it represents.

Las Vegas is known for putting on a good show. This year, Gevril Group was there and proved once and for all that what goes on in Vegas doesn’t necessarily have to stay there: When this year’s Couture Time attendees returned home, they brought back a lasting impression of fabulous brands, tailor made for their markets.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the exclusive US representative for select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sports timepieces at a wide range of price points. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers.

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Enthusiastic Buyers in Las Vegas Applaud Gevril Group’s New Luxury and Fashion Watch Marketing Concept

by John Sealander  

For Immediate Release

Gevril GroupWhen watch buyers and enthusiasts gathered for this year’s premier watch and jewelry show early June in Las Vegas, they were greeted with an entirely new concept in marketing luxury and fashion watches. Gevril Group owner and President Samuel Friedmann had gathered 17 of the world’s most popular and respected brands under a common umbrella to provide buyers with an unprecedented variety of quality choices.

According to Mr. Friedmann, each of the many brands represented by Gevril Group in Las Vegas was selected for the outstanding value it offers customers. As a result, buyers were able to quickly review a wide variety of choices and find the collections they were looking for at the price points their customers were expecting.

Gevril Group’s marketing executives were extremely pleased with the new selling opportunities their company now provides. “With the several-fold increase in attendance this year, optimism pervaded our show,” said organizer Michela Bonincontri.

Paul Ziff, US and Caribbean President of Ferragamo Timepieces Paul Ziff, Ferragamo Timepieces President for the US and the Caribbean said, “I think we’re entering an age of self- expression and individualism for the watch and jewelry industry. Purchasing only to impress others has gone out of style. Purchasing to express one’s sense of style, aesthetics and for one’s own joy is the trend.”

Lisa DeLorenzo said, “My customers loved the new Versace line. We wrote many orders in Vegas and have commitments for future orders as well.”

Miri Tress reported lots of excitement for the new models introduced by Fortis to honor their 100th anniversary.

Ruth Dombroff was equally excited about the new all aluminum Haurex INK Collection. “People just went crazy for it,” she said.

With each brand representing a different price point and area of interest, there was something for everybody. The Gevril Group reported outstanding attendance and sales throughout the event, breaking all previous records.

Samuel Friedmann, Owner and President of Gevril GroupAccording to Samuel Friedmann, putting outstanding luxury and fashion brands, such as 3H Italia, Edox, Eterna, Fortis, Gevril, Haurex, Jean d’Eve, Laurens, Lorenz, Louis Erard, Meccaniche Veloci, Montres De Luxe, Paris Hilton, and POLICE, as well as many others, under a common umbrella that’s instantly accessible from a single website or through a single phone call is revolutionary.

“We’re making the very best watch brands more accessible than ever,” says Friedmann. “True luxury watches used to be out of reach for most people,” he said. “Now, by searching the world for exceptional value, we can bring luxury and fashion watches to people at affordable prices.”

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Gevril GroupGevril Group, watchmaker and wholesale watch distributor, is the exclusive U.S. agent for exquisitely designed and crafted European luxury and fashion watch brands, distributing and servicing some of the best affordable luxury and Swiss watches and trendy fashion watches. Gevril Group also operates a full-service watch repair, staffed by master Swiss watchmakers. Contact Gevril Group by email or by calling 845-425-9882.

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Gevril Group Will Represent Broad Spectrum of European Watch Brands in Las Vegas June 2-5, 2011

For Immediate Release

Watch distributor Gevril Group is sending a team to Las Vegas to meet with watch retailers and buyers who will be attending the JCK, Couture and Luxury trade shows June 2-5.

Many in the industry view the Las Vegas events as the most important of the year for the US business, while others prefer to accord that distinction to Baselworld, the watch and jewelry event that took place in March in Basel, Switzerland and attracted more than 100,000 visitors.

Gevril Group had an enormous amount of success at Baselworld 2011 and added a number of outstanding European manufacturers to its already substantial watch brand portfolio. According to Samuel Friedmann, company founder and President, “Las Vegas is an excellent opportunity for Gevril Group to increase the awareness of our many brands in the American marketplace.”

Gevril Group’s watch collections represent a wide variety of styles and price points and include such brands as Versace, Ferragamo, Eterna, Fortis, Gevril, GV2, Edox, Louis Erard, Haurex, Swiss Military, Police and Paris Hilton. Meeting appointments are still available for watch buyers who wish to learn about these brands, as well as the other lines Gevril Group represents.

About Gevril Group

Gevril GroupDirected by company founder and long-time creative force in the watch business, Samuel Friedmann, Gevril Group is the exclusive US agent for more than thirty select European watch brands, distributing and servicing luxury, fashion and sporty timepieces at a wide range of price points.

Gevril maintains a full-service watch repair department staffed by master Swiss watchmakers.

Contact Michela Bonincontri at Gevril Group by email or at 914-689-1058.