Meccaniche Veloci Watches Amaze Visitors at Baselworld 2013

Meccaniche Veloci Watches at Baselworld 2013

Photography by Boris Pjanic  
Article by John Sealander  

Inspired by Speed, the Meccaniche Veloci Watch Display
at Baselworld 2013 was a Clear Winner With Visitors

Meccaniche Veloci WatchesVisitors to Baselworld 2013 discovered what many watch enthusiasts already know: Meccaniche Veloci is unique. This small Italian watchmaker produces handcrafted masterpieces in very limited editions that evoke the excitement and speed of European motor racing at it’s very best.

It didn’t take long for visitors to Baselworld 2013 to discover Meccaniche Veloci’s unique connection to the world of speed. The brand’s highly visible booth showcased not only Meccaniche Veloci’s racing inspired watch collections, it also showcased the actual racing cars that their most exclusive collections were made from.

Every watch in the exclusive Meccaniche Veloci “Only One” collection is literally one of a kind. To produce these unique and extremely exclusive timepieces, each watch is constructed using recovered materials from the world of speed. The dial could be fabricated from the fiberglass fairing of a well-known championship racing car, or the fairing from a racing motorcycle.

To make these watches, Meccaniche Veloci has been able to obtain actual body panels and components from famous racing vehicles and used them to create one-of a-kind timepieces. When a suitable component has been located, areas of interest are identified and then individually unique dials are cut from the material.

These recovered racing items, complete with the circular holes where material has been removed to make a dial, were proudly displayed in dramatic glass cubes at Baselworld to demonstrate the authenticity of the “Only One” concept. Since exotic materials like carbon fiber and magnesium are difficult to cut and machine, only a few of these exclusive watches are ever produced.

Although it was Meccaniche Veloci’s one-of-a-kind display that captured the attention of Baselworld visitors, the company makes other racing inspired watches as well. Racing inspired designs like the Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes, 44 Chronograph, Due Valvole and the exciting new Chrono Driver are also produced in limited numbers for discriminating watch aficionados.

A Meccaniche Veloci watch will never be a high volume item. These exclusive, racing inspired timepieces will always be produced to the company’s exacting specifications for a very specific audience. From the enthusiastic response that the Meccaniche Veloci booth received at Baselworld, this audience of speed loving watch enthusiasts is sure to grow in the years ahead.

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Louis Erard Dazzles at Baselworld 2013

Louis Erard Watches at Baselworld 2013

Article and Photography by Boris Pjanic

Louis Erard WatchesLouis Erard has become a giant success story in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Since the company’s purchase in 2003 by a group of private investors headed by Alain Spinedi, Louis Erard has produced well over 100,000 watches. In addition, Louis Erard is currently making their own watch movement for use in their classic designs.

Louis Erard’s Baselworld 2013 booth clearly reflected their unrivaled success. Last year’s booth was smaller and not as noticeable as this year’s, which was widely applauded as one of the most beautiful booths at Baselworld. The Louis Erard exhibit was packed within hours of opening on press day.

The success of Louis Erard was not only reflected by their stunning booth that was decorated with beautiful flowers, but also by their introduction of many new timepieces at Baselworld 2013. Pictured below are the Louis Erard Excellence 80231AA02 with a black dial and a contemporary 42 mm case, as well as the 1931 chronograph with a beautiful grey dial.

Many surprising innovations were also presented at the Louis Erard Baselworld booth. Below are the Louis Erard Moon Phase 31218AD03 and a new line of Louis Erard cufflinks that now accompany the 1931 watch line.

I thank Susanne Farner, Marketing Manager at Louis Erard, who generously spent much of her time showing me all the brand’s novelties. As there were so many new timepieces, I’m preparing a special article that will discuss each of them in detail.

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Baselworld 2013 Attracts 120,000 Visitors From 100 Countries

by John Sealander  
photos by Boris Pjanic  

After a $450 million makeover and a record number of visitors, the world’s most important watch and jewelry show confirmed what many in our industry already knew: the world loves wristwatches!

Baselworld 2013 International Watch and Jewelry ShowThe Baselworld World Watch and Jewelry Show is over for another year. 120,000 visitors from over 100 different countries got their first look at the latest timepiece developments and innovations from over 1,450 different companies in a spectacular, newly renovated 1.5 million square foot exhibit space. After all the networking and parties were over, most participants agreed that this was the best Baselworld ever.

With a brand new two-story superstructure rising above Baselworld’s famous Messeplatz Exhibition Square, visitors, the press, and watch industry professionals enjoyed a sophisticated new ambience that left many looking forward to Baselworld 2014.

Baselworld 2013 was full of excitement and surprises for long time attendees. Rolex impressed everyone with a huge new exhibit space that was double the size of their 2012 exhibit area. The powerful Swatch Group dominated at the end of Hall 1, with a space large enough for their impressive roster of brands, which included familiar names like Rado, Omega, Breguet and Jaquet Droz.

The second floor of this impressive new Hall was devoted to the world of fashion, with an impressive showing by Gevril Group brands like Versace, Versus, and Salvatore Ferragamo. At the end of this hall was the beautiful booth of Gevril’s Louis Erard brand, which many attendees considered one of the nicest in the entire show. Gevril brands Bino, Catorex, Fortis, Jowissa, Laurens, and Lorenz also made an appearance at Basel 2013 in nearby offsite locations.

Baselworld 2013 Innovation

Baselworld has always been the place where manufacturers show off their most impressive new developments, and 2013 proved to be a banner year for innovation. Hublot showed off a mechanical marvel called LaFerrari with an amazing 50-day power reserve. Omega showed off a new type of balance spring created from a thin wafer of silicon. This precisely manufactured silicon spiral is perfectly symmetric and only one quarter the thickness of a metal spring, greatly improving the accuracy of the traditional mechanical watch. There were also scratchproof gold cases on display and some manufacturers even promised a maintenance-free mechanical movement.

With the Basel Fair behind them, watch aficionados and industry professionals are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. In a world where many had predicted that the wristwatch would become irrelevant, it is increasingly clear that watches are here to stay. The modern wristwatch has become much more than a way to tell the time. It is an essential fashion accessory and an extension of the wearer’s personality.

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Meccaniche Veloci Watches to Release New Chrono Driver at Baselworld 2013

by John Sealander  

From a company committed to bringing the passion and excitement
of motor racing to your wrist comes the ultimate driver’s watch.

Meccaniche Veloci WatchesItalian watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci is known for technically advanced, hand fabricated timepieces that evoke the passion and excitement of motor racing. Using unique, high performance materials from the world of racing, Meccaniche Veloci has been able to create a line of luxury watches that are pure adrenaline for watch aficionados and enthusiasts.

Some have wondered why this company, which literally means “mechanical speed” in Italian, waited so long to introduce its own driver’s watch. The answer is found in the spectacular new Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver.

Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver
Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver

The advanced design of the Chrono Driver is unique among watches. The watch uses a special titanium and carbon fiber frame to support a movable inner case that can be quickly and easily tilted to various angles by the driver for optimum visibility under any driving conditions. Drivers always have a clear, unobstructed view of an extremely legible black and white dial and three well-placed sub-dials, all without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. This is a watch that can be just as easily read while leaning into the curves as driving down the straight.

The Chrono Driver, which makes its debut at Baselworld 2013, is also unique in the convenient location of its crown and pushers at the top of the watch. Powered by a precision Swiss made automatic ETA Valjoux 7753 caliber movement, this spectacular chronograph will inspire confidence in any driver. Drivers will love the perfectly placed pushers and angling chronograph dial. Watch aficionados will love the impeccable craftsmanship and Italian styling Meccaniche Veloci has become famous for. Everyone will love the fashionable carbon fiber strap with contrasting red stitching that accentuates the Italian racing theme.

If you’d like to establish yourself as a contender, you definitely need a Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver on your wrist. This superbly executed driver’s watch is equally comfortable on a cross-continental road rally or a cross-town trip to pick up the groceries. To put one of these amazing timing instruments on your team, contact an authorized Meccaniche Veloci dealer immediately. Meccaniche Veloci is all about speed, so you’ll have to act fast to secure one of these exclusive beauties for yourself. The race to own one begins as soon as Baselworld concludes.

Gevril Group US Agent for Meccaniche Veloci Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the US agent for Meccaniche Veloci Watches. Meet us April 25 – May 2, 2013 to view the Meccaniche Veloci exhibit at Baselworld 2013, Hall 2.0, Booth A-15. Contact us, by email or at 845-425-9882.

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