Viceroy Mens Watches Strong and Steel Collection

by Adrian Herscovici  

Viceroy WatchesTimepieces in the Strong and Steel collection by Viceroy are defined in both literal and conceptual terms, which as a whole contribute to the collection’s sporty and adventure-minded persona.

Buy Viceroy  WatchesLiterally, the watches are strong by way of durability and composition: round 43 mm stainless steel cases typify the ideal modern watch size — substantial, but not over the top — and accurate quartz movements supply steady power. Conceptually, the watches exude masculinity by way of design: black and white dials contrast perfectly with steel exteriors, as do matching stainless steel bracelets and tire-tread black silicone straps, both with fold-over double-push-button clasps. Every watch in the Strong and Steel collection is water resistant to a depth of 330 feet.

Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel
Multi-Function – 40319-15
Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel
3 Hands – 40317-15
Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel
Chronograph – 40321-55
Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel Multi-Function - 40319-15 Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel 3 Hands - 40317-15 Viceroy Mens Strong and Steel Chronograph - 40321-55
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With these parameters as the starting point, additional details and complications personalize the collection’s three lines: Chronograph, 3 Hands and Multi-Function.

The Multi-Function watch represents the sleekest model in the decidedly sporty collection due to its well-balanced dial and clean bezel. In addition to the aforementioned specifications, the Multi-Function model includes three sub-dials that display the date, the day and a 24-hour indicator, each with an attractive red highlight. Large Arabic numbers and stainless steel hands coated with luminous material add to the watch’s overall masculinity while ensuring the time is easy to read in darkness and in light.

The Chronograph watch substitutes two of the sub-dials on the Multi-Function watch for a constant-seconds counter and 60-minute counter. It also has a dive-style bezel, which is appropriate for a watch capable of withstanding diving depths.

The 3 Hands line simply displays the time and date for those who appreciate clean, uncomplicated dials and functions. A choice of both types of bezels (dive-style or unembellished) is available in the 3 Hands lineup.

Buy Viceroy  WatchesLike the men who wear them, Viceroy Strong and Steel watches don’t shout; instead, they speak with understated confidence. These are watches for sport lovers and adventurers — for the type of men who dare to engage life’s challenges head on. Purchase your new Viceroy watch from an authorized Viceroy dealer.

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