Versace Goes Gaga for Spring 2014

Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Versace WatchesIn the world of haute couture Versace has a reputation for taking a more radical approach to designer wear. The house practically makes it a philosophy to take chances on the runway, pushing the limits while at the same time redefining what is acceptable in high fashion. Thus, the choice of Lady Gaga to represent the face of Versace in the Spring 2014 is a natural fit.

Lady Gaga for Versace Spring 2014Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York City, Lady Gaga still calls the Big Apple home. No one could accuse Lady Gaga of being one note; she is a multi-talent with the titles recording artist, fashion designer, actress, record producer and philanthropist to her name.

Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything small. She is recognized as much for her award winning albums as she is for her flamboyant dress, performances and music videos. During her shows and out in public, she’s been known to don the high-concept ensembles of labels including Comme Des Garcons, Louis Vuitton, and, of course, Versace.

Donatella Versace, lead designer of the family-owned brand, also creates a stir with her daring clothing choices and persona, which are reflected in the brand. Both women have a penchant for provocation. For example, Versace has brought Gothic looks to the runway while Lady Gaga vamped it up in a meat dress for her appearance at the 2010 MTV music awards.

Lady Gaga and Donatella have been friends for a long time. Lady Gaga even wrote a track on her latest album ARTPOP called “Donatella”. She describes the song as about celebrating being a fearless female, proud of who you are and not caring what people say about you. The song certainly sums up both women’s attitudes.

If you take a look at Donatella and Lady Gaga side by side there’s no denying that Gaga could be Donatella’s little sis. In the last year or so the personal relationship between the two has evolved into a professional one as well. Lady Gaga wore custom costumes by Versace when she hosted Saturday Night Live in November of last year and even tweeted about her garb, implying a more formal arrangement was in the works. In one of her performances on the late-night show, Lady Gaga gave a stunning turn as a showgirl in a gold and sequin-embellished fringed corset by Versace. This jaw-dropping combination of performance and dress ensemble demonstrated what a great match the two brands are together.

Based on what came down the runways for the Spring and Summer shows, it seems Lady Gaga will be outfitted in short skirts, chains and metallic Medusa head medallions. She started officially sporting her sassy Versace garb this month. The seductive campaign was shot by fashion favorites Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

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