Versace for H&M Commercial Sells More Than High Fashion

by Ivo Jackson  

Eccentric and Surreal Versace for H&M Advertisement

Versace for H&MTrue to the glamorous, colorful, and creative style of Versace, the Versace for H&M television commercial is an eccentric and surreal advertisement that has taken the fashion world by storm. This one-minute long high-concept film conveys the vision of designer Donatella Versace who is the Creative Director of the world-renowned fashion house started by her late brother, Gianni Versace. The exquisite scenery, an outrageous yet un-narrated plot, as well as beautiful models and clothing combine to create a sense of mystery and intrigue that reaches its apex when, at the end, viewers learn just who is behind the scenes. Although the film itself may be difficult for some to follow, the message is clear: Whether you buy off the runway or off the rack, Versace is your style!

Donatella Versace Brings High Fashion to the Masses

The beautifully strange concept the Versace for H&M commercial is based on is the central idea of the Versace for H&M brand, which is about bringing high fashion to the masses. The setting is a golden model factory where an unknown blonde puppet master creates clones in her own image. Apparently the clones must be trained to function like their creator, so the viewer observes models in mazes, cages, and on hamster wheels, all getting into shape and learning how to carry themselves, as the all-seeing eye of their mistress watches and maintains control.

Vesace Clones at Work Donatella Clone Puppe

When they are finished, the models are well dressed and perfectly poised, and it is at that point that the viewer learns who the benevolent puppet master is — and it’s Donatella Versace herself. Donatella then looks into the camera and says, “My house, my rules, my pleasure.”

Donatella Versace H&M CommercialAlthough the commercial plays like an abstract dream, the message does make sense. As an international style leader, Donatella Versace desires to mass produce and share her style with the world. As a fashion makeover missionary, Donatella Versace realizes that while exclusivity brought the brand to the fashion forefront, affordability will take Versace into the future. Selling more than clothes, but a grand idea, the commercial invites fashionistas of all income brackets to experience the creative splendor that is the House of Versace.

Because of Donatella Versace’s vision, the brand can experience the best of both worlds – high end exclusivity for current collections and more affordable accessibility for classic and iconic pieces that have helped build the brand through the years. So, instead of searching high and low in luxury consignment and resale shops for vintage Versace, the style conscious can buy them new from a department store they already frequent — that is, for the limited amount of time these items stay on the rack.

Versace for H&M Skirt Versace for H&M Jacket Versace for H&M Dress Versace for H&M
Leather Jacket
Skirt $129 Jacket $129 Dress $199 Leather Jaceket $299

Donatella Launches Successful Versace Watch and Jewelry Lines

Versace WatchesAfter her brother Gianni’s murder in 1997, Donatella Versace inherited the role of Creative Director for the company. Under her leadership, the House of Versace has continued to dominate the 21st Century, with Jennifer Lopez’ donning of Donatella Versace’s now famous Green Dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards marking the beginning of a new era and making Versace a household name.

Donatella Versace is also responsible for introducing the highly successful Versace luxury watch and jewelry lines. Her limited edition signature watch, the DV One Cruise, is one of the most coveted luxury watches among the fashion elite.

DV One Cruise
26CCS9D800 S872
DV One Cruise
28CCP1D001 S001
DV One Cruise
28CCP16D282 S585
DV One Cruise
28CCP15D111 S111
Versace Ladies 26CCS9D800 S872 DV One Cruise Collection Red Dial Chronograph Versace Ladues 28CCP1D001 S001 DV One Cruise Collection White Dial Chronograph Versace Ladies 28CCP16D282 S585 DV One Cruise Collection Blue Dial Chronograph Versace Ladies 28CCP15D111 S111 DV One Cruise Collection Pink Dial Chronograph

If you’re interested in acquiring a new DV One Cruise watch for yourself, contact your authorized Versace watch retailer.

Gevril Group US and Caribbean Agent for Versace Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US and Caribbean agent for Versace Watches. Contact Lisa DeLorenzo, Versace Brand Manager, by email or at 845-425-9882.

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