Versace Dylos Chronograph Watch Collection

Versace Dylos Chronograph

by John Sealander  

All throughout history, the octagon has provided the inspiration for scientists, architects and musicians. Now it provides the inspiration for an iconic new collection of Versace chronographs.

Versace WatchesFor thousands of years, the number eight has had special significance. The eight points of a compass allow us to travel in every direction. The eight notes that constitute an octave make music possible. Many of the world’s great cathedrals, temples and mosques are based on eight sided buildings. Nothing represents the power of eight better than the octagon. Maybe this is why this unique geometry figures prominently in everything from Greek mythology, to the Chinese I Ching.

It’s not surprising that one of Versace’s most powerful new designs is based on this iconic shape. The spectacular new Versace Dylos Chronograph Collection infuses a stunning 44 mm octagonal case with the iconic symbols and themes that have made the House of Versace a favorite of fashionistas around the world.

This impressive men’s chronograph turns geometry into art with its unique eight-sided case and crown. A spectacular geometric dial utilizes a repeating circular pattern to unify a small running seconds display and 6 o’clock and two octagonal totalizers at 10 0’clock and 2 o’clock. The Versace Medusa commands a special place at 12 o’clock, and an oversize date indicator completes the beautiful display.

Versace Dylos Chrono
Versace Dylos Chrono
Versace Dylos Chrono
Versace Dylos Chrono VQC030015 Versace Dylos Chrono VQC010015 Versace Dylos Chrono VQC040015
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Buy Versace Dylos Chronograph Watch CollectionAn engraved tachymeter scale on the bezel gives the Dylos a sporty look, while graceful luminous sword hands and square dot indices ensure that you’ll always know what time it is, day or night. The Dylos Chronograph Collection is available in stainless steel, IP yellow gold, IP black, as well as a spectacular two-tone gold and stainless edition. The watch can be equipped with a beautiful stainless steel or two-tone bracelet with Greek Key central links. A luxurious black leather strap with an embossed Greek Key is also available.

This superlative chronograph is powered by a precision Swiss made Ronda 8040B quartz movement and is water resistant to 169 feet. Like all Versace timepieces, the Dylos Chronograph comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking for eight good reasons to wear something new on your wrist this Spring, this watch has them all. The octagonal Dylos Chronograph is bold, stylish, versatile, iconic, beautiful, durable, precise and unforgettable. If you’re looking for more reasons to put one of these beauties on your wrist, contact your authorized Versace timepiece dealer immediately and ask to see the Dylos Chronograph Collection.

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