Madonna Face of Versace Spring/Summer 2015

Madonna Wears Versace Watch in Versace 2015 Spring Summer Campaign

Madonna: Real True Versace Fashion Icon

You simply can’t avoid Madonna when she decides to grace the world with her newest concern. This time it’s a fashion hook-up with a series of dramatic and stunning photos. Just released by Versace for their new Spring/Summer 2015 ad campaign, Madonna’s new photo shoot is riveting.

Photographed by fashion photo royalty Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the Versace campaign reminds us why we still love Madonna. She’s an everlasting symbol of female sexual power.

When it comes to powerhouse fashion icons, Donatella Versace has been holding her own for over twenty years as chief designer and VP of the always relevant Versace Group. So it makes perfect sense that Versace has once again named Madonna the “Face of Versace’s Spring 2015 Campaign.” In discussing why she chose Madonna for the campaign, Donatella stated, “Madonna is one of the true icons of Versace.”

Versace Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign
Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign Spring/Summer 2015 Versace Campaign
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Her words were sprinkled with references to power, strength, and fearlessness. Speaking to how she directed the photo shoot, Donatella says she told Madonna to show vulnerability but also told her, “I want you like I know you…strong, determined, and fearless.”

Indeed, Mert and Marcus have captured Madonna in a rare eyes-down demure state, coyly biting her finger and looking at us from behind a lock of hair. Yet, she somehow still manages to look as powerful as ever! Perhaps it’s the bold menswear-style accessories, the powerful lines of the body-con tube top, and the stark black and white format chosen by the photographers.

Pure Madonna, Not Photoshopped

Or perhaps it’s Madonna herself, who’s perfectly lean and toned. Nothing says power like a strong body, and Madonna has taught us this for decades now. Even at 56, she seems more powerful than ever.

Madonna 2015 Grammy Performance
Madonna 2015 Grammy Performance
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Madonna looks incredible in the Versace line, which features pieces molded to the body. Some items are glammed up with glittery fabric, bold shapes, and midriff-baring styles, absolutely perfect for Madonna and her trim physique. It’s as if Madonna and Versace were made for one another.

Madonna and Versace Go Way Back

Versace is an iconic fashion line for women who can command an opulent look, dressing some of the world’s most alluring women for almost 40 years. Since Donatella took over, Madonna has served as the face of Versace at regular intervals.

Versace Fall/Winter 1995 Campaign
Fall/Winter 1995 Versace Campaign 2 Fall/Winter 1995 Versace Campaign
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Every ten years, Madonna and Versace have teamed up for a partnership featuring the Queen of Pop as the face of Versace. She lends her own iconic branding to the brand’s equally iconic look for a match made in branding heaven. It’s hard to say which name is bigger!

Power, Opulence, and Glam

Like Madonna, the quintessential look of Versace can be described as strong and sexy… sometimes even strict, with a touch of PVC here and a corset dress there. Both also share a taste for the dramatic, although always tastefully executed and fabulously trend-setting. Remember J Lo’s 2000 Grammy Awards jungle dress? The green one cut way down to there? That was Versace.

For Madonna, aligning herself with the Versace brand has always been easy and vice versa. That’s because both represent power, affluence, and classic glamour.

Versace Spring/Summer 2005 Campaign
Spring/Summer 2005 Versace Campaign Spring/Summer 2005 Versace Campaign
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The perfect pairing of the pop culture queen and the renowned fashion house might also be attributed to the decades-long friendship between Madonna and Donatella Versace. Donatella again summed it up nicely when she said, “I am thrilled to have my friend and the most powerful and directional artist as the face of Versace for Spring 2015.”

Now, it’s been three decades and four Versace modeling campaigns for Madonna: In 1995, she first modeled for her new friend in an ad campaign featuring Palm Beach-inspired rich housewife luxury, dressed in 1930’s style silk gowns, and a corset dress. Within the same year, Madonna was also featured in the Fall/Winter collection.

Versace Spring/Summer 1995 Campaign
Spring Summer 1995 Versace Campaign Spring Summer 1995 Versace Campaign
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In 2005, Madonna modeled for Versace again; this time the campaign featured opulence galore, plus Donatella’s love of the flared trouser with Madonna rocking the look. Now in 2015, we see Madonna again in Versace wearing iconic mesh.

Madonna, the True Icon of Pop

This year, Madonna reinforces her position as the Queen of Pop with several key moves, one of which is the release of her highly anticipated new album. Additionally, Madonna looked fabulous as she posed topless for Interview Magazine. The Versace campaign is simply one of several ways in which she’s establishing her dominance in a world typically ruled by younger women.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Album Cover
Madonna's Rebel Heart Album Cover
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Now that Madonna has unseated Lady Gaga as the face of Versace, there’s a power shift in the pop culture/fashion world. Fashion enthusiasts rarely mention that Madonna is twice Gaga’s age. Both Donatella and Madonna are in their 50s, making the new campaign a testament to female power at any age.

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