Ferragamo to Launch Retailer Network for Watch Division

by John Sealander  

An Interview with Paul Ziff

As the exclusive distributor for US and Caribbean, the Gevril Group, recently announced the appointment of luxury watch industry veteran, Paul Ziff, as President of its Ferragamo Timepieces division. Previously, Mr. Ziff was President of LVMH-owned Zenith. He was also a key player in the re-launch of the Chopard wholesale division in the US.

Paul Ziff, Ferragamo Timepieces President for US and Caribbean MarketsThe following is a Q&A I recently had with Paul Ziff about Ferragamo Timepieces:

JS – How long have Ferragamo watches been available?

PZ – Ferragamo watches were introduced in 2007, but in the US have been mainly available in the company owned boutiques. The success of the watches in the Ferragamo boutiques has been the impetus to expand the retailer network.

JS – What are the defining characteristics of Ferragamo watches?

PZ – The watches embody all of the qualities that make Ferragamo such a prestigious and successful company. They are elegant, sophisticated, classic and extremely well made with a tremendous attention to detail. Of course, they are Swiss Made.

JS – What is the price range of the Ferragamo collection?

PZ – The watches start at a retail price of around $900, and most of the collection is between one and two thousand dollars. We also have some unique items that are much more expensive, but they are not part of the core line.

Ferragamo Mens F55LCA78910 S789
F-80 Collection Watch
Ferragamo Mens F62LDT5219 S080
1898 Collection Watch
Valentino Ladies V54SBQ9797-S099 Eden Collection Watch Ferragamo Mens F62LDT5219 S080 1898 Collection Dual Time Black and Gold Watch

Ferragamo Ladies F56SBQ9101i S703
Gancino Collection Watch
Ferragamo Ladies F64SBQ9101S S009
Gancino Sparkling Collection Watch
Ferragamo Ladies F56SBQ9101i S703 Gancino Collection Pink Band Diamond Watch Ferragamo Ladies F64SBQ9101S S009 Gancino Sparkling Collection Black Band Diamond Charm Watch

Click here to download the Ferragamo Timepieces Consumer Catalog   (3.94 MB)

JS – Why do you believe that Ferragamo watches will succeed outside of the boutiques?

PZ – The proven track record in our boutiques is certainly the strongest endorsement and indicator that the watches are in demand by the consumer. I would say that the present and future success is built on several factors.

Ferragamo Boutique 5th Avenue ManhattanFirst and foremost, the rich heritage and history of the Ferragamo brand itself and all that it stands for. It‘s an iconic name that is associated with the key elements that are desirable in luxury: quality, styling and image. As a natural extension of the brand’s exceptional products, the watches are an organic fit.

Ferragamo appeals equally to each gender. That’s important because we sell both men’s and ladies’ watches. I also believe that the price point is absolutely correct for these times. It fits into the accessible luxury category and isn’t too “serious.” It can serve as one’s first better watch or can be one of many a person owns that he or she loves just because it goes great with jeans or a suit. It can be a gift or the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. At this price-point it fits many needs and occasions, not the least of which is just rewarding oneself on a whim.

JS – In addition to selling at the Ferragamo boutiques, what retailers are you targeting?

PZ – The better department and chain stores along with select independent jewelers that appreciate the brand and its values.

JS – Which are the best sellers?

PZ – For Men the F-80 and 1898; I wear the F-80. I like the fact that it’s a bit bold, yet I can wear it with a suit. It’s also sporty, so that it looks great with jeans on the weekend. I also like the 1898 because it’s so classic.

For ladies, the Gancino (“little hook”) and Gancino Sparkling are absolute winners. They communicate the message of Ferragamo loud and clear: elegance and style. I also like the Grande Maison which is a bit more conservative and classic.

JS – On the business side of things, what can a retailer expect if they carry the collection?

PZ – In addition to the fact that the watches are beautifully styled and have tremendous brand recognition, they have an excellent price/value relationship. Put that together with exceptional packaging, a 4-year warranty, and top rate displays, the dealers can look forward to a strong turn and profit margin for a very reasonable investment.

JS – Thank you.

To explore the potential of becoming a Ferragamo Timepieces dealer in your area, please contact us at ferragamo@gevrilgroup.com.

About Ferragamo Timepieces

Salvatore Ferragamo WatchesFerragamo Timepieces draw on original styling to express iconic features in the Ferragamo tradition like the gancino, and merge them with other recurrent brand themes including a creative use of color, contrasting combinations of unusual and sophisticated materials, experimentation with shape and volume, and the finest detailing.

Gevril Group US and Caribbean Agent for Ferragamo Timepieces

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the US and Caribbean agent for Salvatore Ferragamo Timepieces. You can email us or call 845-425-9882.

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