Edox Miss Geico Guests Have Time of Their Lives on Full Throttle Boat Ride with Marc Granet

by John Sealander  

Brian Shubot Posing in the Edox Miss Geico CockpitLucky Edox VIP guests got the ride of their life on August 7 when world champion Miss Geico driver Marc Granet took them on an exciting full throttle ride in the Miss Geico Cigarette Boat during the third annual Michigan City Grand Prix.

As the driver of 210 mph Miss Geico Mystic, one of the most successful boats in offshore powerboat racing history, Marc definitely knew how to give his guests the ride of their life. Serendipitously, the Miss Geico Mystic was actually out on the water during the cigarette boat ride, so the guests had a unique opportunity to view and photograph the powerful turbine-powered craft up close.

Miss Geico and Cigarette Boat on Lake Michigan Thrill Edox VIP Guests

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Edox Miss Geico Fantasy Adventure

The cigarette boat ride was all part of an exclusive Edox Miss Geico Fantasy Adventure package for select Edox dealers that included two VIP event passes to the Michigan City Grand Prix, a Lamborghini roadster driving experience and exclusive race souvenirs.

Edox Group Posing on the Miss Geico Cigarette Boat

An Unfortunate Occurrence

Sadly, the Mystic hit a wave the wrong way during the Michigan City event and had to withdraw from the race due to hull damage. The Geico team expects to have Miss Geico Mystic repaired and back in full racing form before the Edox-Miss Geico Long Island race event, August 26-28.

Edox Miss Geico Sponsorship

Edox Offshore Sport Watch Miss Geico Five Time World Champion Celebration ChronographThis exclusive event is just one of the many ways that Edox is making waves with their sponsorship of the Miss Geico offshore powerboat racing team.

Edox is also producing an exclusive yellow and black Miss Geico World Champion Celebration Chronograph in a very limited edition of only 113 pieces, celebrating the famous number on the famous Mystic boat.

Edox WatchesWherever the Miss Geico team goes, Edox will be there as well. Edox was the first to develop a special race timing system that utilizes both satellite and GPS technology to provide a level of accuracy that was previously unheard of in powerboat racing. The famous watchmaker is now the official timekeeper for the Class-1 World Powerboat Championships as well as the official timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Marc Granet and Maria Rinaldi Pose in front of the Miss Geico Mystic

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