Colors of Summer 2014 Women’s Fashion and Watches

Versace Resort 2014 Blue Versace Resort 2014 Yellow Versace Resort 2014 Red

by Meehna Goldsmith  

Fashionistas know that watches aren’t just to tell time. They are a statement of taste and personality, an accessory to dress up an outfit and project an image. Those who keep up with the trends will choose high-style watches to match the season’s hottest runway looks.


Monochrome may have been chic in the 1960’s, but it lost its edge, looking rather retro, until now. Designers have updated the look to become a fashion forward choice by incorporating geometric designs. Marc Jacobs rocked the runway with a patterned ensemble in black and white, while Victoria Beckham showed a color block dress using the same hues.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Just Cavalli R7253178525 Trendy
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress Just Cavalli R7253178525 Trendy

Both could be nicely paired with the Just Cavalli Trendy R7253178525 stainless steel bracelet watch with off-center black dial embellished with sparkling diamonds or the JOWISSA Roma J2.002.M, a classically configured watch with a white dial contrasted with Roman numerals on the bezel.

Victoria Beckham JOWISSA J2.002.M Roma
Victoria Beckham Color Blocked Dress JOWISSA J2.002.M Roma


At the opposite end of the spectrum, designers played with strong technicolor hues whose heyday also hearkens back to the 1960’s. But in the 21st century, designers have taken striking hues as inspiration, juxtaposing multi-colors into pieces that are sure to turn heads when they make an entrance. Think of them as more intense hues of a rainbow.

Alberta Ferretti Versus SP806 0014 Logo
Alberta Ferretti Versus SP806 0014 Logo

Alberta Ferretti presented an orange and fuchsia dress that would be perfectly complemented by the orange dialed Versus Logo SP8060014 with diamonds at the quarter hours accompanied by a fuchsia strap, while Prada’s ensemble would benefit from the Versus Tokyo SGM13 0014 orange dialed watch with a multi-colored bezel and contrasting fuchsia and orange straps secured between the lugs.

Prada Versus Tokyo SGM13 0014
Prada Technicolor Versus SGM13 0014 Tokyo


Metallics are a perennial favorite and again they make an appearance on the runways. Versace debuted an evening number that was both sophisticated and sexy with the high cut skirt revealing just the right amount of leg. An appropriate accompaniment to a fancy night-on-the town dress such as this is the Versus Coral Gables SOD010014, a watch that’s got the rock-n-roll soul of the Versace line exemplified by the signature Versus pyramids as a theme on the whole watch from the black faced design to the silver bezel and bracelet.

Designer Nicola Finetti also represented the metallic trend with an outfit featuring cropped metallic pants with a white shirt accented with metallic highlights. For this ensemble, the Ferragamo Gancino Deco FG3050014 will give the outfit a snappy look. The stainless steel case and cream patterned dial synchronize with the metallic in the clothes. Adding just the right hint of luxurious sparkle, the Arabic numerals at the quarter hours are surrounded by diamond baton indexes.

Nudes and Neutrals

If you think nudes are blah, then you better think again. Certainly, the wrong nude color can be disastrous, but if you look to the summer fashion palette, designers have made them dazzling. Yes, dazzling. Don’t believe me, then check out the draping hot number from Ferragamo. There’s no doubt neutral colors can compete with their flashier counterparts. Ferragamo even used the chic tones on their new Ferragamo Buckle FG5030014 watch whose Gancino shape is used to its most cultivated advantage. The stainless steel case encompasses a nude-toned dial, which fits around the wrist with a matching leather strap.

As accessories make the woman, picking the correct watch to complete an ensemble is key.

Summer 2014 Fashion Color Palette
Summer 2014 Color Palette

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