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Ferragamo E-Shop Homepage

by John Sealander  

Ferragamo Takes Pride in Their Attention to the Tiniest Details
Including How You Purchase Their Timepieces

Salvatore Ferragamo WatchesMaster shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo’s exclusive made-to-measure shoes for movie stars and celebrities firmly established the designer’s reputation for originality, quality and attention to detail. As the brand evolved into a global luxury powerhouse, it never wavered from Salvatore’s famous attention to detail and focus on lasting beauty. When the Ferragamo atelier introduced their first luxury timepiece in 2007, it was no surprise that the watches embodied the same commitment to quality and customer support that made the brand famous.

Recently, Ferragamo has taken another step in their ongoing efforts to bring the best possible experience to their loyal customers with the debut of the first ever e-shop dedicated entirely to Salvatore Ferragamo timepieces. Ferragamo’s exclusive new e-shop will be accessible directly from the Salvatore Ferragamo website at Ferragamotimepieces.com and will offer online customers the complete range of Ferragamo Timepieces.

Some Of The Ferragamo Timepieces Available

Now, popular Ferragamo collections like the F-80, Idillio, Gancino Sparkling, and many others are only a mouse click away. This dynamic new shopping destination has been specially optimized for iPads and tablets, using social plug-ins, dynamic banners and a powerful 360 degree zoom function that lets you admire every timepiece detail from every perspective.

This visually exciting new e-shop will be accessible from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. It’s never been easier to experience Ferragamo’s creative use of color, utilization of unusual, refined materials, and attention to detail. Fans of this celebrated brand are always welcome at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques around the world and selected department stores and independent points-of sale. When it’s not convenient to go out however, your favorite brand is always nearby. With the new Ferragamo e-shop, all it takes are a few mouse clicks and the watch you’ve been wishing for could be on your wrist almost immediately.

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Laurens Colorato Collection

by John Sealander  

Introducing the Laurens Colorato Collection:
The Colorful New Way to Match Your Mood

Laurens WatchesThe Laurens philosophy has always been that a watch is not just an instrument for measuring time, or even a fashion accessory. It is a direct expression of the personality and style of the person who wears it. Using this philosophy to guide them, the company has developed a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing sophisticated, contemporary timepieces that combine fashion forward style with Swiss precision, all at an extremely attractive price.

Every year since the company was founded in 1952, Laurens has launched new collections that have been designed to bring their unique vision to a wider audience. They’ve outdone themselves in 2012 with the spectacular new ladies Colorato Collection. Available in an array of bright primary colors, Colorato timepieces present a compelling case that one watch is not enough.

Laurens Colorato
Laurens Colorato
Laurens Colorato
Laurens Colorato
Laurens Colorato GW41B924Y Laurens Colorato GW41B928Y Laurens Colorato GW41J906Y Laurens Colorato GW41B923Y
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

All Laurens Colorato models feature a colorful plastic case with a coordinated unidirectional rotating bezel and a protected crown. The matching dial features a date window at 3 o’clock, along with a practical magnifying window on the durable mineral glass crystal. Colorato timepieces are powered by a precision quartz movement and are water resistant to 160 feet.

It’s never been easier to coordinate the watch on your wrist with the outfit you’re wearing. What’s it going to be? The red Colorato, the blue one, the yellow, or the green? It’s up to you to decide. These casual diver-style fashion statements are so affordable that you could easily make a case for owning all of them.

If you’d like to see what one of these colorful beauties looks like on your wrist, contact an authorized Laurens dealer today. Whatever your mood, and whatever you’re wearing, there’s a Colorato timepiece just for you.

Gevril Group US Agent for Laurens Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US agent for Laurens Watches. Contact us, by email or at 845-425-9882.

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Gio Monaco Creative Visionary Dr. Giuseppe “Nuccio” Ascione Passes Away

by John Sealander  

Watch Industry Pays Tribute to a Talented
Designer’s Lifelong Search For Beauty

Gio Monaco WatchesDr. Giuseppe AscioneDr. Giuseppe Ascione was well on his way to a career as a lawyer when his passion for music, the arts, and fine timepieces led him in a different direction. Already successful, Giuseppe left the law and joined his older brother Michele’s jewelry company as a designer. In the late 1990’s, the two brothers decided to turn their passion for fine timepieces into a new company named after the inventor of musical notes and patron saint of their hometown of Arezzo, Italy, Guido Monaco.

Il Dott. Giuseppe Ascione era un promettente avvocato quando la sua passione per la musica, l’arte e l’orologeria l’ha condotto in una direzione completamente diversa. Già avvocato di successo, Giuseppe lasció la sua professione per unirsi all’attività del fratello Michele come designer nel campo della gioielleria. Verso la fine degli anni 90’, i due fratelli decisero di trasformare la loro passione per l’orologeria in una nuova società che prende il nome da Guido Monaco, inventore delle note musicali e santo patrono della loro città natale, Arezzo.

The company was called Gio Monaco and its international success can largely be attributed to Dr. Giuseppe Ascione and his unique creative vision. When Giuseppe passed away in November, the watch industry lost one of its shining lights.

La società fu chiamata Gio Monaco, il cui successo internazionale puó essere largamente attribuito al Dott. Giuseppe Ascione e alla sua creatività. La dipartita di Giuseppe nel Novembre 2012 segna una grossa perdita per il mondo dell’orologeria.

Giuseppe’s insight and good taste were the inspiration for some of the industry’s most innovative timepiece designs. In less than ten years, the Ascione brothers introduced over 30 collections that showcased the special marriage of Giuseppe’s design skills and his brother’s technical expertise. Each collection was unique, but all bore the stamp of the Ascione brothers and their patron saint, the inventor of the musical note.

L’introspezione e il buon gusto di Giuseppe furono ispirazione per alcuni dei design più innovativi dell’industria orologiera. In meno di dieci anni, i fratelli Ascione introdussero oltre trenta collezioni che fanno mostra del matrimonio tra l’abilita’ di designer di Giuseppe e la conoscenza tecnica del fratello Michele. Ogni collezione é unica, ma sempre caratterizzata dal marchio dei fratelli Ascione e del patrono Guido Monaco.

Giuseppe’s Beautiful Designs

With their beautiful stylized roman numerals and spectacular 3-D patterned dials, Gio Monaco creations like the Hypnos and Geopolis Collections became instant hits at Switzerland’s prestigious Baselworld Fair.

Le creazioni Gio Monaco come Hypnos e Geopolis, dai bei quadranti con numeri romani stilizzati e spettacolari motivi tridimensionali, hanno subito acquisito rilievo alla prestigiosa fiera dell’orologeria Baselworld.

Gio Monaco Geopolis Gio Monaco Hypnos
Gio Monaco Geopolis 379-A Gio Monaco Hypnos 676-A
Click to Enlarge Image Click to Enlarge Image

The world will miss Giuseppe and his optimistic approach to life. Throughout his life, Giuseppe shared a passion for music and everything that was beautiful. Although Dr. Ascione is no longer with us, his legacy remains in the wonderful timepieces he created for Gio Monaco. Giuseppe once said, “Where time is, there is thought.” We’re certain that watch aficionados around the world will be thinking of him, whenever they look at one of his beautiful creations.

Il mondo dell’orologeria sentirà la mancanza di Giuseppe e del suo ottimistico approccio alla vita. Per tutta la sua vita Giuseppe fu amante della musica e dell’arte in generale. Anche se il Dott. Ascione non é più tra noi, ci lascia la sua eredità negli orologi disegnati per Gio Monaco. Una volta disse: “Dove c’é il tempo c’é il pensiero”. Siamo certi che gli appassionati di orologi di tutto il mondo penseranno a lui ogni volta che ammireranno una delle sue creazioni.

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Johan Eric – Copenhagen Coat of Arms Caseback

by John Sealander  

When King Frederick III of Denmark granted the Coat of Arms of
Copenhagen in 1661, he also granted the citizens of Copenhagen the same rights to own property as the Danish nobility.

They seem to have liked watches ever since.

Johan Eric WatchesCopenhagen Coat of ArmsThe historic Copenhagen Coat of Arms has long been a symbol of Denmark’s remarkable freedom of expression and creative spirit. As a founding member of the United Nations and the country ranked as having the world’s highest level of income equality, Denmark is considered by some to be the happiest country on earth.

What makes the citizens of Denmark so happy? There are many reasons, but the citizens of this small country have certainly developed an appreciation for the finer things. Danish designers like Jacob Jensen and Arne Jacobsen have become world famous for designs that focused on the user; while maintaining a respect for natural materials, and showing a remarkable attention to detail.

It is no surprise that the watch industry was an early beneficiary of Denmark’s unique design esthetic. To this day, Danish timepieces are prized for their beauty and functional simplicity. Johan Eric continues this Danish tradition of fine design with a superb collection of timepieces that exemplify the simplicity and clean lines that have made Danish Design famous around the world.

Copenhagen Coat of Arms Engraving on Johan Eric Caseback
Copenhagen Coat of Arms Engraving on Johan Eric Caseback

Slim, modern lines, superb craftsmanship and great value characterize all Johan Eric watches. On the back of each of these fine timepieces is an engraving of the famous Copenhagen Coat of Arms. Johan Eric is extremely proud of its Danish roots. The beautiful Johan Eric Skive, Hobro, Streuer, Tondor, Agersø, Helsingør and Vejle Collections are each named after a different Danish city. The distinctive laser engraving on each stainless steel caseback is another way of celebrating the brand’s unique Danish heritage.

Buy Johan Eric WatchesEach of Johan Eric’s stunning contemporary designs is paired with a high quality quartz movement, for reliable, trouble-free operation. The fit and finish of these watches is impeccable and seldom found on timepieces at this price point. To see how attractive the influence of Copenhagen can look on your own wrist, look for the authorized Johan Eric dealer nearest you. Even though the finely etched engraving on each caseback is enchanting, we think you’ll want to wear your new watch dial side up.

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Giulio Romano – Emblem of Italy Caseback

by John Sealander  

From the multi-talented Renaissance painter who is the brand’s
namesake, to the Italian coat of arms on every caseback,

Giulio Romano timepieces are a celebration of Italy’s heritage.

Giulio Romano WatchesIt’s no surprise that that the enormously talented Mannerist painter Giulio Romano became the namesake for an exciting new collection of Italian timepieces. From their unique stainless steel crown with seven raised dots, to the Italian coat of arms engraved on each caseback, every Giulio Romano timepiece is a celebration of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.

Emblem of ItalyThe emblem of Italy, engraved on the back of each watch, represents the richness and diversity of Italy. The five-pointed star, or stellone d’italia, represents the protection provided by the army of the Italian Republic.

The gear in the center represents the Italian constitution that governs the republic of Italy and the willingness of the Italian people to work hard to achieve their goals. The oak and olive branches flanking this cogwheel represent the beautiful landscape of Italy and the productivity of the fertile land. When this emblem was first proposed in 1946 under the leadership of Alcide De Gasperi, it was put to a vote of the Italian people who chose the design themselves.

Italy uses this distinctive coat of arms to this day and it has become a source of pride to all Italians. To further celebrate its Italian roots, each Giulio Romano Collection is named after a different region in Italy and shows off a different aspect of Italian style and design.

Giulio Romano Emblem of Italy Caseback Engraving
Giulio Romano Emblem of Italy Caseback Engraving

Buy Giulio Romano WatchesThe Giulio Romano Toscana, Ferrara, Pescara, Piemonte, Rimini, and Termoli Collections all pay homage to Italy’s unique sense of style and color. These strikingly original and surprisingly affordable designs are powered by a precision quartz movement and are water resistant to 160 feet. Like Italy itself, there is something for everybody in these impressive new Italian inspired timepieces. What part of this rich Italian heritage will appeal to you? Well, you’ll have to contact an authorized Giulio Romano dealer and see for yourself.

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Cory Monteith Wears Versace Business GMT

by John Sealander  

While Ellen was speculating whether Cory Monteith and Lea Michele
were an item, watch aficionados were speculating about what
Cory was wearing on his wrist.

Versace WatchesCanadian actor and musician Cory Monteith is best known for his portrayal of Finn Hudson on the hit TV series Glee. The popular young actor won the 2011 Teen Choice Award for his role on Glee and is frequently the subject of speculation in tabloids and TV talk shows.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, watch aficionados noticed something new on Cory’s wrist. While Ellen was more interested in his developing relationship with co-star Lea Michele, watch fanciers were gleeful about the handsome Versace Business GMT timepiece he was sporting.

The spectacular 43 mm rose gold plated timepiece features a unique GMT dial that a global traveler like Cory Monteith would be sure to appreciate. With its innovative day-night display, the Versace Business GMT provides a dramatic new way to view the time in ten key cities around the world. This is a fashion-forward watch that is fabulously functional. Wherever you happen to be traveling, the Versace Business GMT makes it easy to simultaneously keep track of the time in two different locations.Cory Monteith Wearing His Versace Business

Cory’s elegantly practical Business GMT is powered by a precision Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement and is equipped with a handsome croc-patterned brown leather band. Like all Versace timepieces, the Business GMT is a unique combination of Swiss precision and Italian style. The watch was designed in Italy by Versace’s own skilled designers and then manufactured in Switzerland to meet the strictest Swiss certification standards.

As Finn, Cory’s character on Glee plays the star quarterback of his high school football team who risks alienation from his friends by joining the schools glee club. Finn continually struggles to maintain his reputation as a popular jock, while singing with a glee club that is at the bottom of the high school social ladder. Maybe if Cory wore his Versace Business GMT on a few episodes, his reputation would be assured.

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