Calibre Akron Watch Collection

USS Akron Helium Filled Airship

by John Sealander  

One of the World’s Largest Helium Filled Airships Provides the Inspiration for these Oversize Military Style Timepieces

Calibre WatchesThe USS Akron, which joined the U.S. Navy’s fleet of helium-filled airships in September of 1931, was certainly impressive. The enormous airship was 785 feet long, could carry a crew of 89 men, and even carried its own fleet of Sparrowhawk biplanes, which could be launched and retrieved from the air. Conceived as an airborne aircraft carrier, this innovative design was one of the largest flying objects in the world at the time.

This large, versatile craft served as the inspiration for the equally impressive Calibre Akron Collection. With eleven exciting models to choose from, the 42 mm Akron offers something for almost every fan of military style timepieces. These versatile timing tools all feature a unidirectional stainless steel rotating bezel that is clearly marked in 60-minute increments. The reliable Swiss made quartz movement is housed in a massive stainless steel case that is water resistant to 165 feet. The case features a protected crown, and the stainless steel caseback has been engraved with a beautiful rendition of the USS Akron.

Calibre SC-4A1-04 007 Akron Calibre SC-4A2-13-079 Akron
Calibre SC-4A1-04 007 Akron Calibre SC-4A2-13-079 Akron
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Two distinct Akron styles are available. There is a versatile chronograph model with three well-placed sub-dials for timing events, along with a tachymeter scale engraved on the chapter ring. There is also a classic, three-hand, pilot style configuration for those who prefer understated simplicity. These superb timepieces are available with a choice of black, white, or orange dials and have been equipped with a comfortable black rubber strap. All models include a convenient date window at 4 o’clock.

Calibre Akron
Calibre Akron
Calibre Akron
Calibre SC-4A2-04-007 Akron Calibre SC-4A2-04-001 Akron Calibre SC-4A2-13-007.79 Akron
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Like all Calibre timepieces, the Akron Collection showcases the brand’s expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is rarely seen in such an affordable watch. With its precisely machined case and crisp, clear lettering, you could easily mistake an Akron timepiece for something costing thousands of dollars more.

Calibre Akron
Calibre Akron
Calibre Akron
Calibre SC-4A1-04-001 Akron Calibre SC-4A1-13-007.79 Akron Calibre SC-4A1-13-079 Akron
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If you’re a fan of military watches, but don’t have a defense department budget, the impressive Calibre Akron may be the perfect watch for you. To see what one of these military masterpieces looks like on your wrist, just contact your authorized Calibre dealer today and ask to see the Akron Collection.

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