Chic Couple Watches for Him and Her

Ferragamo 1898 Pair Watch Collection

For many couples, the exchange of wedding rings is the first instance of wearing matching or coordinated jewelry. But the tradition of “his and hers” isn’t new, nor is it restricted to marriage. Couples have long shared harmonized wearables and accessories as one of countless ways in which they outwardly commemorate and celebrate their relationship.

One tradition is to have matching or corresponding keepsakes, which range from cherished jewelry charms to amusing smartphone cases and other personalized objects. For some, permanent matching tattoos provide the ultimate symbol of undying love. For the majority, however, sharing coordinated jewelry is the most popular custom with paired watches among the most fashionable.

Couples watches fall into two style categories: matching and complementary. Matching watches are almost exactly the same except for size and minor details to differentiate the “his” from the “hers.” Complementary watches, on the other hand, are two watches from the same family in “his” and “her” versions; they may appear totally different in terms of color and decoration, but they have the same overall shape.

Naturally, couples watches serve as delightful symbols of eternal love and are therefore a wonderful gift idea to mark an anniversary or other special occasion. Here are some favorite examples of modern couples watches.

Ferragamo 1898 Pair

A perfect example of a matching couples watch is the Ferragamo 1898 Pair Collection. The name says it all – these watches are designed specifically for a pair. Each of the styles in the collection has two nearly identical watches, one 40 mm and the other 33 mm. The version with the blue sunray dial is particularly striking with its combination of gold IP and stainless steel on the case and bracelet. The smaller women’s version has diamonds inset on the gancino shape top ring, adding a touch of graceful femininity.

Ferragamo F-80 and F-80 Lady

For those who prefer to harmonize rather than match, Ferragamo has new “his and hers” models in its best-selling F-80 collection. The men’s F-80 is 44 mm. One variety has a stainless steel case with a black dial and black rubber strap, with contrasting IP gold screws on the bezel and crown, and golden accents on the dial. The 33 mm women’s versions of the F-80 share the overall shape of the men’s models but employ chic combinations of color and delicate accents. The guilloché pattern on the dial, for example, also appears on the rubber strap and one model features diamond indices.

Versace Dylos Chronograph and Dylos Lady

In addition to Swiss made quality, Versace’s Dylos Chronograph is notable for its case and other octagonal elements including the crown, the background pattern on the dial and even the eight-edge sub-dials. The sporty Dylos men’s chronograph is 44 mm of quintessential Versace, complete with interlinked Greek keys on the bracelet and the famous Medusa head logo. The two-tone version (IP gold and stainless steel) has undeniable panache. At 35 mm, the complementary Dylos Lady is measurably smaller but similar in appearance with its octagonal case and dial design. The Dylos Lady models feature more ornamentation, such as pyramid shape hour markers and colorful leather straps.

Versace Apollo and Dafne

Greek imagery and mythology play a significant role in the design of Versace watches. The Apollo and Dafne watch collection is an ode to the Greek myth of the same name, a turbulent parable of lust versus chastity. Like other matching couples watches, this series has large (Apollo) and small (Dafne) versions of almost identical watches. Similarities include smooth polished bezels, sunray-pattern dials and Roman numerals. The subtle differences mostly appear in the dial design, and the Apollo has a date function where the Dafne is time only.

Versus Osaka and Kyoto

Versus style is famous for its unconventionality. The Osaka and Kyoto watches were created as a couples watch series. The Kyoto case for him is square while the Osaka case for her is circular. Both use the same system of rotating disks to tell time with the current hour and minute lined up in a window at 9 o’clock. Color also sets them apart: the black and purple Kyoto is mounted on a black rubber strap, whereas the Osaka is white and dark-pink on a pink rubber strap. In true Versus style, each is an expression of individuality.

Couples watches allow people to coordinate without overtly matching; they are a subtle and personal way to convey inseparability, more playful than a wedding band, but equally if not more elegant. A fine pair of matched or complementary watches provides the couple with a practical accessory they can both wear every day, and one that is neither too quaint nor too obvious. Consider couples watches for you and your special someone the next time you’re marking a special occasion or anniversary.

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