Versus Ibiza Watch Collection Debuts at Baselworld 2013

by John Sealander  

People go to Ibiza for fun and excitement.  People wear an
Ibiza timepiece on their wrist for exactly the same reasons.

Versus WatchesThe small island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea, has become world famous for its colorful clubs and exciting nightlife. Ibiza Town, the island’s capital, along with Sant Antoni to the West, have become a worldwide centers for electronic and dance music, with top DJ’s and producers converging on island hotspots during the Summer season to debut new songs and music genres. Some says that the island is the birthplace of the popular style of music known as trance and international musicians, artists, and travelers continue to be drawn to the small island’s unique creative environment.

Buy Versus Ibiza Watch CollectionIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that Versace Versus found the inspiration for its most colorful and playful timepiece in Ibiza’s legendary party scene. The all-new Versus Ibiza watch, which will make its debut at Baselworld 2013, has the same energy and vibe as its Mediterranean island namesake. The Ibiza timepiece will be available in six spectacular monochrome and neon colors, each equipped with a matching double tour patent leather strap.

Versus Ibiza Watch Collection
Baselworld 2013 Versus Ibiza Watch Collection
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With an anodized aluminum case with integrated arched lugs, a colorful matching dial, and the fashion-forward double wrap strap, these colorful timepieces are impossible to ignore. The Versus Ibiza Watch Collection features a minimal two-hand dial with the Versus logo at 12 o’clock. Powered by a precision quartz movement, the rectangular 20×26 mm Ibiza is water resistant to 99 feet. In addition to the standard double tour strap, each Ibiza timepiece also comes with an additional single tour strap. Both straps feature a rich, purple lining, which contrasts with the primary color scheme.

Buy Versus Ibiza Watch CollectionAll Versace Versus watches represent the rock n’ roll soul of Versace. The exciting new Ibiza goes even further, representing the colorful, cutting edge music scene of Ibiza. With fashionistas, top fashion editors, and leading retail buyers already wearing this exciting new brand, isn’t it time you discovered Versus yourself? The Versus Ibiza watch is the perfect accessory for a spectacular summer of fun. To put one of these colorful new creations your own wrist, contact an authorized Versus dealer today and ask to see the Ibiza Watch Collection.

Gevril Group US and Caribbean Agent for Versus Watches

Gevril GroupGevril Group is the sole US and Caribbean agent for Versus Watches. Meet us April 25 – May 2, 2013 to view the Versus exhibit at Baselworld 2013, Hall 1.1, Booth E-67. Contact us, by email or at 845-425-9882.

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