Versace Mystique Chrono Introduced at Baselworld 2012

by William Moss  

Fashionably Well Done, Easy to Wear

Versace WatchesAs a watch geek, I don’t necessarily need every piece to be over the top with complications. I found myself looking for a quartz watch for ease of maintenance and wear. That’s when I came across the Versace Mystique Chrono recently introduced at Baselworld 2012.

Versace watches are very fashion-forward; however, what I liked about the Mystique is that the “Total Black” chronograph model is the most sober and versatile of all the offerings. There’s a lot to like about this watch; the 43.5 mm size is eminently wearable and comfortable on the wrist. The Ronda 5030.D is about as good as it gets in the watch industry when it comes to quartz movements. Who doesn’t love having a black IP case and tachymeter scale?

Versace Mystique Chrono
Versace Mystique Chrono Introduced at Baselworld 2012 - I8C60D008 S009
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The star of this piece is the carbon fiber dial. A well-executed carbon fiber dial can raise the quality of a watch build considerably by tying all of the elements together, and that is what has happened here. The silver chapter rings set in against the carbon fiber dial makes this watch visually very charismatic and appealing. Another nice touch is the carbon fiber styling being carried through onto the strap. This watch is one of those that work well with business attire as well as with jeans and t-shirt. If you want a fashionably aggressive timepiece, this is it.

The Mystique Chronograph is an example of a watch that can be fun to wear, is well-built and won’t require you to take a second mortgage to afford it.

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